Teddy BlassFull Name: Teddy Blass

Biography:Ever since he saw “Rear Window” some time ago, Teddy began to research and watch the legendary directors films, thusly becoming a big fan of Hitchcock. With experience working for fansites (M. Night Fans) and not being able to find a worthy fansite for Hitchcock, Teddy teamed up with fellow web-developer Alex Haas to create the definitive Alfred Hitchcock site. Teddy is a Digital Media student at the University of Central Florida, and a semi-pro composer and record producer. His favorite Hitchcock films are “Psycho”, “North by Northwest” and “Strangers on a Train .”

Story with M.Night Fans: Teddy appeared on G4TV’s Attack of the Show on behalf of M. Night Fans, defending M. Night’s movies.

He has since started a spin-off to this website called Last Airbender Fans!

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