After Earth Promotional Image revealed

I think it’s about time to get a official concept art of After Earth; few days ago we reported a small promotional image of the film, which is going to be fully revealed to those who are attending the Licensing Expo 2012 this weekend in Las Vegas. But, we don’t have to be really on the floor in Las Vegas though to see the displays.  Folks from were able to take pictures this week on the floor at Licensing Expo, and After Earth Promo image was among the displays from the anticipated projects. I must say that it looks pretty stunning to me. We would love to read your opinions by leaving comments below.

Hit the jump to view the image in Hi-Res.



  1. Does anyone know if James Newton Howard is going to do the music for this film?

  2. I know. And he is behind the ‘Sony Pictures’ maybe he is cheering for ‘After Earth’.

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