Fan Voice #1: How to get an Autographed Item from Shyamalan, Split 2

Welcome to Fan Voice, our new column where we answer questions from visitors to our site as best as we can. We’ve been fans of M. Night Shyamalan since 1999, and with a website full of information, we’ve also read and written so much about his films that we thought it would be fun to create a sort of letters column, like you see in the back of comic books. We received two questions last week that we wanted to answer. If you have any questions, use the form below. We’ll address them in future columns.

I don’t know if this is really the place for this but “Signs” is the greatest movie ever made in my opinion. I work LOVE an M. Night Shyamalan autographed “Signs” movie poster. How can I go about making that happen? – Kevin

While we don’t know how to get a full-size “Signs” poster signed, you could try the same tactic that others use to get an 8×10 signed. The latest address for Mr. Shyamalan is:

M. Night Shyamalan
Creative Artists Agency
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067

And here are instructions, courtesy of How to send your fan mail and autograph requests to M. Night Shyamalan?:

If you want to request an autograph, follow the guidelines bellow. If you just want to mail a letter with the address above, and do not want anything back, then you can stop reading! If you live in USA send a properly stamped and self addressed envelope (minimum size 8.5″ x 4″) with your request letter and a photo. You can include a piece of cardboard to keep the photo from bending in shipping and also add “Do Not Bend” on the envelopes. Send your letter and wait. On average, there is going to be a 3+ month wait for a response. If you do not live in USA, you can purchase your American stamps here *For information on postage prices to receive a letter from USA click here.


Does the ending mean that Bruce Willis is in the sequel to Split? – Callum

What the ending of Split means is covered by our story here. That said, to answer your question: Yes. We don’t believe there could be a sequel to Split without that person’s involvement.

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