Happening on Blu-ray to feature Shyamalan “BonusView”

Blu-ray.com has learned early details of the Blu-ray Disc for “The Happening” which will feature a quasi-commentary track by Shyamalan.  Is this the first in a new trend for Shyamalan?  Let’s hope to see more for “The Last Airbender.”

In an interview with Agent DVD magazine, director M. Night Shyamalan revealed that he has recorded a BonusView commentary track for the upcoming Fox Home Entertainment Blu-ray release of his film ‘The Happening’. He also mentioned that there is no planned director’s cut of the film.

Commenting on the BonusView feature, he said, “It reminded me of how interesting and fun the process can be when you’re making a fun, scary movie. You laugh the whole time you watch the Blu-ray interview with me because you’re watching all these gruesome things going on behind me, and I’m saying, ‘Well, when we made this and that…’ It was fun watching it and reminded me of being a kid again.”

No other information was revealed about this release at this time.

Thanks to cdesai for posting this in the forums.


  1. Damn, I want a Blu-ray player now! Although I was really disappointed in “The Happening”, there's a lot of great stuff being released on Blu-ray at the moment.

  2. My guess is that the commentary will be included on a DVD release as well.

  3. I read the original article at Agent DVD and this “BonusView” looks to be exclusive to Blu-ray because both the video commentary and film are playing at the same time. Unless they cut the video and just use the audio for DVD I don't see it appearing on standard def DVD.

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