Is M.Night Shyamalan ready for Last Airbender 2?

Right after the release of The Last Airbender (2010), Mr. Shyamalan’s fantasy adventure film, the live-action adaptation based on the first season of the Nickelodeon animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, Shyamalan divulged his plans to the media in regards to the future of the project and where he’s planning to take the sequel. Mr. Shyamalan simply stated that, “I’ve written a draft that I’m really happy with and is darker and richer, and it has a wonderful antagonist in it in Azula, who’s kind of like our only real, pure antagonist in the series.”

During a Q&A session with Lane Brown for the Vulture, Mr. Shyamalan, at the time, was not cognizant of the coarse reviews from the critics regarding The Last Airbender, when he disclosed his plan regarding the very first draft for the sequel, which was the opening day of his film. But the film ended up purveying Paramount a decorous box-office run, though; taking in over $300 million worldwide. Yes, domestically the film didn’t recoup its budget of $150 million, yet a sequel to franchise like The Last Airbender, for Paramount, is a no-brainer. Many commenced asking if Paramount will ever bring Mr. Shyamalan back to take on the sequel, due to the film not playing extraordinary at the box-office and because of the indigent critical reception as well.

Paramount is the only one that can make a decision on the sequel. With or without Mr. Shyamalan, the existence of the sequel and its draft are already confirmed, and we know that Mr. Shyamalan, when it comes to being reclusive, he is the master. But, is there any hope to see him back to direct a sequel? Recently, thanks to a friend, known as Hasdi Bravo, for the heads up, Mr. Shyamalan on Twitter was asked if he has any plans on directing a new film right after “After Earth.” Mr. Shyamalan’s response to the question was, “Deciding between 3. One I’ve already written and 2 that are just in outline form. They are all fighting in my heart right now.”

His statement is a good indication that the sequel is still alive and it is safe to claim that it is possible we’ll see him directing the sequel as well, especially after his recent trips to Los Angeles back to back.  For some, I believe, it is easy to put the blame on Mr. Shyamalan for the failure of The Last Airbender. But one must also say that poor critical reception to Transformers 2 didn’t stop the studio from making Transformers 3 either.



  1. I think hes talking about his original ideas, maybe the script he had going around before he signed on for After Earth the one he apparently wanted Bradley Cooper for. I dont think Airbender2 will happen and im not sure i want it to. Ok i liked Airbender but i prefer when Night does his own stories he was restricted in where he could bring Airbender and im not sure i could stand all the critics waiting for the second movie to arrive. I suppose it all depends on how After Earth does! And i think Night will deliver a film that will rival his best but for me Airbender was his worst.

  2. I think his script, the one that he wrote with bradley Cooper in mind, is not going to happen any time soon. I think when After Earth is close to its release date, they will begin production on REINCARNATE.

  3. I think different I believe that he is talking about Last Airbender 2 movie. The real question will he direct it or find someone else who is not afraid of the bashing and cursing of fanatical fans. As long as M. Night has the script ready he can move production fast. Remenber the script is power in hollywood and so long as you have it the dream is still alive.

  4. I just have to say that if it were not for my 8 year-old son I would never have known about The Last Airbender. I have seen every darn episode and I really like it. I was impressed with the movie simply because it followed the series so closely and was so true. I really hope the sequel gets made and the story gets finished. It would be good to see it to fruition.

  5. I started watching the “Avatar” cartoon series because of my grandson and I must say I became totally enthralled with the storyline! I am over 50 yrs old, but I immediately went out and bought the entire series so I could sit down and watch the whole story from beginning to end. I heard there was a movie made but unfortunately believed all the crap about it not being a good movie. I recently saw it on Nickelodeon and it was GREAT! I loved that it stayed so close the series! Why did everyone think it was so bad? Except for the fact that wasn’t long enough, it was a great movie! All the “fire, air, water, & earth bending” was so cool. I REALLY REALLY hope Mr. Shyamalan will make a sequel!

  6. I really hope he make airbender 2. My little girl loves this movie. She is fives he watches it over and over i think it’s a great movie also

  7. First “Night” movie I saw was ‘Lady in the Water’. In the commentary he made this from bedtime stories for his children.

    I watched it with my children and when Airbender came out I took it as a kid/teen movie. I give it about a 7+ of 10. My daughter who was 15-16 then (Lady), is now 23 and headed for her Master’s (after graduating with honors in one of the top schools in the nation) had read everything he had written. I tried to dislike the guy but he’s got it. Airbender I is not his best if you are 50 and trying to be awed. But he is creative and has his finger on the pulse on milllions.

    I spent the 80s-90s jaw-dropping crowds and musicians/teachers alike with my skills as a guitarist. I once said to a friend, “he could have done SO much more with that lead. My friend who was an avid Metallica fan replied, “Yes, and he is losing sleep over what you think”. Point made; you are welcome to your opinion but “Night” will be in history forever. What have you or I accomplished? Can’t speak for you, but not much on my end.

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