Join us on the New Forums!

If you’ve had problems getting registered for the forums in the past, those troubles are over.  We’ve recently installed and moved over to a band new forum system.  All users and posts have been migrated to the forum and we’re very excited about it.

If you’ve registered in the past and find that your username and password do not work, and simply do not exist: I apologize.  We were having some MAJOR spam problems with the old forum software, and your registration may have been a casualty of that.  Please re-register, if that is the case, with the knowledge that it will not happen again.

We had so much trouble with the spam on the last forum that registration was edging on impossible.  A new user had to click a link in an e-mail, and then I had to go through a long list of every user and try to figure out whether or not they were actually HUMAN.  I knew the people that had clicked the link because they had an “(H)” by their name.  But then removing the spam users didn’t work with the script that I had.  I am very excited to bring you this forum that makes registering easier than ever.

Welcome to the best place to discuss M. Night Shyamalan and his films!  Take a peak first, or simply register and Join in the discussion!

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