Lady in the Water Review

Lady in the Water is a film of wonder, showcasing the amazing mind of M. Night Shyamalan. It takes you into a tapestry of wonder, and like all of his films, the pieces can be wound in many different ways. It is only as the movie draws near to the end that you understand that what the movie is about, isn’t what you thought in the first place. And when you realize what it is truly about, you can see the whole film in another light entirely.

[Read the rest here]  I’m not sure if I captured everything that I wanted to when I wrote that.  I didn’t write it right after seeing the film.  I am planning on seeing the movie again, and then writing a fresh review immediately afterward.  But I hope that you enjoy it.  I tried my best to capture the emotion of the film, with as few spoilers as possible.  In fact, I don’t think I wrote any spoilers at all.  I think the acting was terrific all across the board. The review is mainly of the thematic material that the film covers.


  1. Brilliant, I've been trying to explain jus that to my friends, thanks for landing it home!

  2. Thanks! I spent a while writing that, while listening to the soundtrack to the movie. I think it played twice over while I was writing. It helped me get into the mode for writing about such an amazing movie.

  3. Great review Specter!

    Now, lets sit back and anticipate what M. Night will do! It's just 2 years of waiting… :laughing: :laughing: 🙂 🙁 :crying: I can't wait that long!!!

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