‘Lady in the Water’ Score Used in ‘The Golden Compass’ Trailer

New Line Cinema recently released the teaser trailer to their movie “The Golden Compass” today, which happens to feature some music from James Newton Howard’s score to “Lady in the Water.” Although niether “The Golden Compass” or it’s score have any connections to Shyamalan or James Newton Howard, I still found it quite interesting, and a true testament to the beauty of the “Lady in the Water” score.

[View “The Golden Compass” Trailer Here”]


  1. i dont like when movies do that. lord of the rings did it with the score of requiem for a dream.

    i just think that its stupid not to have some original music behind something youve created.

  2. Yeah, I somewhat agree with you, but it's a really common practice. The overwhelming majority of films haven't had their score written, yet alone recorded by the time the trailer is released.

  3. Argh… I may seem harsh about this, but I’m not about to give “The Golden Compass” any of my money. I am not a supporter of this book series in the slightest. The author has to go and slam one of the greatest authors of all time. Not to mention the cowardice of slamming an author that passed away LONG ago. The fact that they’re using James’ score in the trailer is a travesty. It’d be better suited for the Water Horse trailer that is set to debut with Harry Potter. Not to mention that James Newton Howard is composing the score for The Water Horse.

  4. erm…you guys remember when the teaser trailer for Lady was Josh Groban…?

  5. I've been reading a lot of the criticisms about 'His Dark Materials' series lately, and I think there are some very valid points, and some overreactions. None-the-less, you have your reasons and I can see how using the LITW score would be upsetting.

    I also agree that it would be much better suited for The Waterhorse. I'm really excited to hear some new JNH, and I hope The Waterhorse might be something that can win him a nomination this year.

  6. They actually did this before with the score for Unbreakable. They used the main theme in the trailer for “Bloodwork”, starring Clint Eastwood.

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