The Happening Casting Call

Heery Casting is having an open call for speaking roles for upcoming Fox Feature film “THE HAPPENING” directed by M. Night Shyamalan. We are looking for a Teen boy, age 15-19, any ethnicity, offbeat looking, likable, a misfit. No acting experience necessary. Please bring a snapshot that we can keep.

Shooting begins in the Philadelphia area in August 2007.
The open call will be at Heery Casting, 263 N. Lawrence Street, Phila., PA 19106 on Friday, June 1 from 4PM to 6 PM.
No Phone calls please. We are ONLY seeing TEEN BOYS at this time. Stay tuned for further announcements for this project.
For more information, please go to:

Contact Details

Diane Heery
263 N. Lawrence St
Phila, Pennsylvania 19106


  1. I could be that role!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could be in M. Night's film, it would be an honor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now does everyone understand why I hate being stuck in Kansas???

  2. lol. yeah but its even worse for me, not only do i live clear across the country, but i'm a girl.

  3. oh yeah, i forgot about that bit too. if only i lived in pennsylvania, was a boy and was one year younger. the possibilities. 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh. Would I love to be in one of M. Night's films. It would be such an honor. He is someone that I would sell my soul to meet and be in one of his films. I love everyone of his films. The Happening is going to be a great one. Anf if I was a boy, I would be on my way to Pennsylvania right now. I live in Michigan so I'm not too far away from it. I was about to go to a casting call for Lady In The Water. Me and my sisters. We should've gone.

  5. Oh my gosh… I would love to be in one of his films. I'm a teen, male, and a misfit. I adore M. Night. It would be such an honor to be in one of his films… Too bad I'm in Texas! Grr…

  6. I went 🙂 M Night wasnt there, so they recorded us and they send the video to Night. I really hope i get it :tongue:!

  7. I went as well, it was interesting. My friend went, and he got a slip telling him to come back Monday, I guess that means he made it through to the second round or something. Im not sure, he didnt have a picture on him so that might be for that too, cause im sure Night wants to see everyone, Ive read the script though and I know for a fact there are two roles.

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