Micro-budget Film Pre-Production Starts

signsshyalamanThis week, Shyamalan, as announced it on his Twitter account, the micro-budget film that he’s been writing lately, enters its pre-production phase. Production offices are also open, but where, we don’t know that yet. If you’re wondering what Shyamalan has written, and what genre he is going to be tackling, wait for that, as nothing is announced yet.

Night has hired costumer Amy Westscott (Black Swan; The Wrestler), production designer Therese DePerez (Black Swan; Dark Water) and the French cinematographer Maryse Alberti (The Wrestler).

The dedications of the mentioned artists that Shyamalan has hired are quite impressive to the film industry. He has gathered all of director Darren Aronosky’s crew. So, it’s possible that he has planned on questioning our faiths again. Or, look at the question this way: Could Night be planning a psychological thriller again or something related to the ideas of how an intellectual professor turning into a zombie? Stay tuned for updates.