Shyamalan Getting Ready For His New Film

M. Night ShyamalanIn case if you guys are not yet aware, Shyamalan’s been working on a script, which he calls it a micro-budget film. Plot is yet to be divulged by Shyamalan, though. Just recently he tweeted in regards to his script that he is starting to crew up. Location scout starts scouting in a few weeks.

Shyamalan’s Night Chronicles’ second installment titled ‘Reincarnate’ is also getting ready to roll in 2014. Now, is Shyamalan referring to ‘Reincarnate’ or something totally different? – I hope it’s the latter. Night Chronicle’s second film, a chapter 2 to 2010’s Devil, as reported, is penned by Chris Sparling (Buried) and was announced that director Daniel Stamm was attached to direct once.

No matter which, we are excited to see both films. They are coming from the mind of Shyamalan himself. Let us know what you guys think by leaving comments below.


  1. I’m a huge Night fan but I was so disappointed in After Earth. I would like see to Night go back to telling good ghost stories like The Sixth Sense, Signs and The Village, and stay away from avatar and post end of the world films. So many of them have been done (on film and tv) and I think the movie audience is getting bored with it.

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