Shyamalan has no beef with Cameron over Avatar

M.Night Shyamalan and James Cameron  may have fought over the right to the same name, but M.Night Shyamalan insists he has no hard feelings towards James Cameron.

The filmmakers were in dispute over Avatar. While Cameron successfully brought out his 3D epic under that title at the end of 2009, M Night was forced to choose something else for his big screen adaptation of Nickelodeon’s animated series Avatar, when it hit screens in 2010. In the end he called his blockbuster fantasy The Last Airbender and insists he’s not upset about the change.

“It’s one of those total coincidences,” said The Sixth Sense filmmaker. “Who would’ve thought that someone would have that name. But [James Cameron] had it six years before the [cartoon] was even thought of,” he added.

“James as we all know worked on [Avatar] for many years. When I first heard I was like, ‘he’s been working on this for 10 years? Come on now!’ And it turned out he was!” said Shyamalan.

Cameron’s Avatar went on to become the highest grossing film of all time and had record breaking DVD sales. Despite their title tussle, M Night says he is one of the movie’s many fans.

“I love it. Anyone who puts that much effort and treats our industry with art, I’ll give them any title they want!”

Source: ITN


  1. Shyamalan is a great person!
    Well, Last airbender have grossed $300 million worldwide so I hope he’ll make the sequel.

  2. Hell yeah for the sequel, just hope M. Night’s will choose a good title for it. Also I agreed that M. Night knows when to lose. James Cameron beat him to the puch and there is no hard feelings. I hope in the future they will work together on a project.

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