Shyamalan’s Next is ‘Labor of Love?’

Tuesday, April 16th, Night was present in front of an audience at New York University’s Stern School of Business to deliver the 2019 Ashok C. Sani Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence lecture. Eric Kohn’s of Indiewire picked up that lecture, then penned a piece immediately the following day focusing mainly on the criticism that Night’s ‘Glass’ received this past January and how Night felt after reading the reviews of his film.

While the piece, which you can read here, consists of palatable details about what was Night’s lecture about, it also contains great advice to the aspiring artists, especially screenwriters and film-makers. However, the most interesting aspect of the Indiewire write-up is that it states Night is currently in production on the Apple series called ‘Servant’ and is developing a mysterious new feature named, ‘Labor of Love.’

I reached out to both Eric and Indiewire via Twitter after reading the article to confirm if he was told about ‘Labor of Love’ by Night himself, but I didn’t get an answer.

Whether it’s true or not, for those who are not aware ‘Labor of Love’ was one of the very first screenplays Night wrote and sold, but it didn’t get made, because at the time Night was quite new to the film-making business. And by the time ‘The Sixth Sense’ was out and then ‘Unbreakable’ Night was already world-famous, but ‘Labor of Love’ was sold to another studio not Disney, so the script sat to collect dust. Hopefully, ‘Labor of Love’ is Night’s next feature.