Lady in the Water Teaser Trailer with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

According to, A teaser trailer for “Lady in the Water” will be shown in front of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. The trailer isn’t “attached” to the movie like the teaser for “Superman Returns”will be, so it’s not a definite that all theaters will play the trailer. But having a trailer “accompanying” a movie is better than just being “in the can” so, in most cases, it will be seen with HP4. A teaser poster is due out around the same time frame.
Thanks to Dr. Malcom Crowe in the Forums


  1. WooT that makes me so freakin excited. Even though theyre wont be any footage in the trailer…i'm so excited, specially sense i preordered tickets…go me :laughing:

  2. there is a footage which a suprisingly weird soundtrack.

    “a bed time story written and directed by m. night shyamalan”

  3. yes, harry potter started screening here yesterday (nov 16)

    the teaser looks very mysterious. that's the tagline above on the end of the trailer

  4. the trailer was the bomb! no kidding, everyone in the theatre didn't know what to do once the trailer was over! can not wait to see it bitches!

  5. the trailer used the intro from a song “me mancheri” sung by Josh Groban (he only sang like 2 lines) … i've been searching online ot re-watch the trailer, it's that intriguing

  6. i'm dying to watch the trailer! ive been looking for it online, but no luck. I LOVE Josh Groban, and Mi Mancherai is one of his most beautiful songs. and the movie sounds good. if anyone knows where to find the trailer, please let me know!

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