Young actor Noah Gray-Cabey says acting gig is only temporary

Noah Gray-Cabey has an impressive resume: “CSI: Miami,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Ghost Whisperer.” These days, the 11-year-old actor from Maine has a regular role on NBC’s hit show “Heroes.”

While Noah’s enjoying being a celebrity, he’s notletting it go to his head. “I don’t get my hopes up, ever, ever, ever,” he said.

“Heroes” premiered last fall. By November, it was the highest-rated new show. It was picked up for the season and received two Golden Globe nominations.

“To land the part is crazy. To have [“Heroes”] picked up is crazier,” Noah said. “For it to do so well is even crazier,” he told the Sun Journal newspaper while spending the holidays in his hometown of Newry, near the Sunday River ski resort.

Noah moved to California to be closer to Hollywood three years ago but he still enjoys coming to Maine to take it easy, play with his grandmother dog and enjoy the snow.

Last year, he landed a part in M. Night Shyamalan’s movie, “Lady in the Water.” Then came “Heroes” and the role of Micah Sanders, a brilliant, soulful kid whose mother is an online stripper and whose father is serving life in prison.

Noah still plays the piano and dabbles in magic tricks. He recently took up the saxophone. He also formed his own foundation. Action in Music takes disadvantaged but gifted young musicians to Africa to help AIDS orphans.

Because Noah is eager to do everything, “The hardest thing for both of us really is to keep it balanced,” said his mother, Whitney Gray.

As for Noah, he says the acting gig is temporary. He says that once he’s finished with the acting bug he plans even bigger and better things. He plans to become a doctor, a lawyer, a pilot, go into politics.

Acting is fun now, he said, but he’s thinking bigger. Instead, he said, “I want to be president.”

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  1. I am impressed and willing to see him achieve his goals. I JUST WANT TO BE AN ACTOR AND WRITER in Hollywood that's all. NO POLITICS FOR ME… 🙂


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