That’s a Wrap! – ‘Sundowning’

nwarticle1Shyamalan just tweeted about an hour ago announcing that principal photography is finished. Though, none of us has any clue what Sundowning is really about. All we know is that a single mother limned by Kathryn Hahn is taking a trip with her two children, a boy (Ed Oxenbould) and a girl visit their grandparents. And then from there once arrived at the destination things will go terribly wrong. No release date’s been announced either.

Sundowning is a micro-budget film, which is written and directed by Shyamalan himself, and shot entirely in his home state of Philadelphia. Night is planning to go back to his original style, to take audiences with surprise and bring smart on-screen scare tactics. I’m down for that, because he knows how to execute that. Alright, so stay tuned as more updates coming soon.

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  1. Really can’t wait for this.I hope its scary! I hope Night gets back to what he does best and that’s edge of your seat cinema! I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE…..

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