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Gustavo² from our forums tipped us off to Latino Review’s  article that claims they have a review of M. Night Shyamalan’s spec script for “The Green Effect.” I haven’t read the full article, but it seems to be pretty dang positive. Nobody knows how legit this review is, but for now I’m gonna take Latino Review for their word. Beware, for the review is laced with possible spoilers…again, I advise you to read at your own risk for now.

[ ’The Green Effect’ Script Review]


  1. OMG! ive only read the first lines and it got me totally! This is exciting stuff and very interesseting! i cant believe that studio's do not want this material… The idea behind this is great! i really hope shyamalan will get this baby alive

  2. I skipped past the story details, but this reviewer really liked the script and put the studios passing because they were afraid of loosing money after LITW. I really hope it gets picked up becuase I must admit I did read the first couple of lines concerning the outline, and man it sounds cool!

  3. I was skeptical, but then I decided to search for past script reviews, to see if they were right, and their review for Batman Begins and the description they gave was dead on with how the film turned out! So this is probably really what The Green Effect's about!

  4. I think that's a legit review. The story sounds like something Night would write. Sounds cool so far. I'd love to read the script! =) I sure hope it gets sold this time around!!!

  5. I tried to avoid spoilers, but a guy on another website gave away the whole thing – I hope I still can enjoy the movie.
    Oh, and the Night's idea is great. The moviegoing masses could use some notions of enviromental protection.

  6. i admit, i read the whole thing, but now i really really really want to see it. If for whatever reason it can't be made (god forbid) then maybe Night can try to make it into a book? It sounds so awesome.

  7. i must say, the plot outline given by latino seems to be much darker stuff for a shyamalan film. i'm not saying that's bad though by any means.. i think it's about time night started lacing his movies with a bit more horror and it's not so much the gore that invigorates me but the sheer paranoya and psychosis that comes with seeing people consciously wanting to take their own lives…well semi consciously. this kind of feels like something from a japanese horror film 😉

    i've loved every one of his past movies, in my eyes they are and always will be my babies and i love defending them to my friends. but it would be nice this time around to see something that may take hold of a larger audience 😀

  8. If the studios pass, maybe he can finance it himself and get it made on his own. There are other directors who have done that and had success going that route. I thought I read this is an alien movie? Is this the same one?

  9. if you ask me, that whole article is a phony. it sounds completely ridiculous and not even close to the quality that we have come to expect in shyamalan's writing. it sounds like cheap thrills to me.

    also…according to the website imdb.com which im sure all of you are familiar with it has been “announced” that the movie “he man and the masters of the universe” is set to be directed by night in 2008. that is, i assume, the avatar movie. they could of course be simply assuming this, but it makes you wonder…

  10. 1) He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is not the Avatar project, but something totally different
    2) The info on that imdb page is false. The cast and crew listings, to my understanding, have been completely fabricated.
    3) Latino Review has been pretty dang accurate in the past with script reviews, so there isn't a whole lot not believe about this one..but who knows, nothing is 100%…only time will tell.

  11. Shyamalan does his rewrite, submits his budget and goes back to round two with the studios. Apparently, he has hired his casting directors to cast the flick.
    Overall, an interesting spin and original take on the end of the world as we know it movie.
    Our recommendation for this script:

  12. When it comes to He-Man, if you'll notice: he's not listed as “Director” only “Writer.” Unless that has recently changed, that's all he'll be credited for, like Stuart Little.

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