‘The Happening’ Grosses Estimated 62.6 Million Worldwide on Opening Weekend

Overseas, “Happening” narrowly beat “Hulk” in grossing an estimated $32.1 million from 5,714 runs. “Hulk,” playing in far fewer locations, grossed $31 million from 3,165.

“Happening,” bowing in 2,986, also made the record books. The horror-thriller, playing in 2,984 runs, is the second-best June opening for an R-rated film after raunchy laffer “Knocked Up,” which opened last year to $30.7 million. Not many R-rated films debut in June, considering its prime season for all-audience summer films.

M. Night Shyamalan…got an eight-figure upfront salary for “The Happening,” – released on June 13. He also has a 25% ownership stake in the film, but won’t reap dividends until co-financiers Fox and UTV recoup their $60 million budget, along with P&A and interest. At that point, Shyamalan will get 50% of the film’s revenue stream.

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  1. Awesome awesome news! Thanks for sharing Ben! I was looking for these numbers!

  2. It's my pleasure, Dr. Malcolm! I had a feeling that it would do well overseas. It looks like 'The Happening' is on its way to 200 million plus when it's all said and done. Not bad at all! 🙂

  3. i know that this is a family friendly board and all but…..


    even if the reviews arent great, as long as it makes that money.
    i saw it 4 times so far. and loved every one.

  4. Those are exceptional figures!! I was a lil vary about the movies success as most of the reviews were negative. But this was my dream that the movie turns out to be blockbuster and looks like it well on its way. Loved the movie and planning to go once more. Three cheers to Night!! 🙂

  5. Holy, crap! How did this happen!? Lol. After all the harsh criticism this movie has received, I'm absolutely shocked, lol.

  6. Yeah, these results actually surprise me too. It had everything working against it.. poor reviews, rated-R, summer movie, but did really well. Yay!

  7. Just the news I have been waiting for! THE HAPPENING is AMAZING! Of course all of his movies are amazing as usual.

  8. Those are pretty surprising stats! It's good, though. I wanted to support Night, so I saw the movie on opening day with a couple of friends. I liked it, and so did they (which was surprising because one of my friends is a huge movie critic and hasn't been impressed with some of Night's previous films)!

    To be honest, the movie wasn't phenomenal, but it wasn't at all terrible. I liked the direction that he took like the old school paranoia thrillers like The Birds and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I expected a bit more action, but there were plenty of shockers for me. I could also agree that some of the dialogue was a bit flat, but it was workable.

    Maybe when Night completes The Last Airbender, it will give him some more time to perfect his writing and come up with more thrilling storylines! I'll be looking forward to it.

  9. I just want to say that I loved the movie. I hope you keep making these psycho thrillers. I think they are very entertaining. Thanks for another great movie!

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