Here we go fellow M. Night fans! The anticipation is flowing and coming up next…THE TEASER TRAILER!!!


  2. I really like the poster, and I think it shows us the style movie we're going to get – dark. Can't wait to get a couple copies to hang up around home!

  3. I think it's alright. I think that, without the tagline, it would have been a stronger poster. I like the empty cars idea. There's already something strange about it. I'll comment more in the forums.

  4. I like the poster. Very ominous. in terms of the general public, though, they are going to see this as say WTF? Why are all teh cars empty? But maybe thats the point of a “teaser poster”

  5. Its an awesome Poster!:smile:

    In my opinion, it could be released without the title. It makes the photo powerful 😉

  6. I like it, but that's all.
    Can't wait for a super high-res version without the watermark, though. 🙂

  7. Pretty cool. Not so sure about the tagline. But its good to hear some news about it. Teaser trailer anyone?

  8. I love it, creates a great sense of mystery. This has me so pumped for the teaser trailer!

  9. I love it! Night is a master at advertising, and this just reinforces my opinion! Looks great!…But where are all the plants?…Isn't the movie about plant life releasing some kind of toxin? Whatever, this poster is very mysterious! Great 🙂

  10. Let me rephrase….I think the graphics look good, but it kinda looks like someone just grabbed an image off google, went to 1001fonts.com and made a poster in paint

  11. The poster is good. There is one specific car that doesn’t match the rest of the cars in style… I think it’s a clue.

  12. Does anybody else see the resemblance to the art in the poster to the art of the “Lady in the Water” picture book? Same artist?

  13. so do you think this is connected to his other movies or is it just an advertising thing when they say
    “we SENSEd it, we saw the SIGNS”

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