The Happening Teaser Trailer Attached to Jumper

We recently received some inside info about the teaser trailer for The Happening. It seems Fox plans on attaching the teaser to prints of Jumper, with an internet debut immediately after. Word is that the teaser trailer was recently completed, and is awaiting Shyamalan’s appoval.

Jumper hits theaters February 14, 2008.


  1. Finally! I've beeen waiting soo long for this news when the trailer is set´. Now we've just have to wait fellas 🙂

  2. Seems kind of odd that Night didnt cut the teaser. Isnt that what he did with LitW and The Village? Maybe its just me but this movie doesnt feel like it did when The Village and Lady in the Water came out.

    Still really excited nonetheless.

  3. I think Night just did the Lady in the Water teaser. I think he had regrets about not doing The Village teaser. But, one of the whole reasons he went to Fox this time around was because of their past success with marketing similar movies.

  4. I thought Lady had the best teaser trailer of his movies. It didn't tell you ANYTHING about the plot. With a title like “The Happening,” I sure hope they keep the mystery about this movie alive.

  5. Well, the article states that they're waiting for Shyamalans approval for the teaser, so it's not like he isnt getting a say in how it'll look.

  6. Right. He might have given the company that created the trailer an outline, or a summary of what he wants.

    Who knows.

  7. not so much looking forward to the movie its attached to, but if it means a sneak peak at his new movie then so be it…

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