The Happening US Teaser

The new Happening teaser trailer is coming, and it looks incredible.

This one is way different from the International one that was leaked last week.  I feel it is a much stronger teaser that gives us a really good sense that Night has still got it.  (Though, if you believe that he had lost his creative juice long ago, then he’s got it back.)

The trailer is indeed attached to the film: Jumper.  Look for it to debut officially on Sunday, February 17.  It’ll be launched far and wide, including right here on Tuesday, February 19.


  1. I feel Fox is loosing control of this thing. Why the heck was an unofficial teaser leaked last week? And why does some else have the official domestic teaser up and not them? C'mon Fox, you're are not pulling your weight.

  2. It's official, Fox has no control over this thing! I can't believe how they are handling things. It's pathetic.

  3. We're aware it's out there, but we're not supposed to share it til Tuesday it seems – for some reason.

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