‘The Happening’ Filming Wraps Today

This in from philly.com: Bruce Goldberg of Teuscher’s Chocolate in the Bellevue was closing up Tuesday when in swept actress Betty Buckley and her assistant. Buckley bought 20 boxes of chocolates for colleagues in M. Night Shyamalan’s movie The Happening, including a 64-piece box for Shyamalan himself. Movie’s wrap is tomorrow (October 5).

This is very exciting!  Hopefully I’ll hear back from some folks that I’m supposed to have interviews with.  If anyone was a part of the filming of the movie and has a story that you can share (SPOILER FREE ONLY, PLEASE!  We don’t want you getting into trouble, and we don’t want to have the movie spoiled for us!), feel free to contact us!  I’m sure the fans here would love to hear it.


  1. I need a trailer ASAP! I'm soooo excited. The Lady in the Water teaser trailer was attached to the Harry Potter movie in November of 2005. So maybe next month? I'll be at whatever movie it is, just so I can see it on the big screen.

  2. Cool news! I am glad. It will take some time for the teaser trailor, because they still need edit, work a lot to make it picture perfect.

    A trailor we will see when a BIG 20th century fox hits the theatre. Anyone have any idea if any 20th century fox big movie coming next year around jan-feb-march?

    The biggest for them this year is “HITMAN”.


  3. 20th Century Fox doesn't have much being released in the near future. “Hitman” is on November 21. It's possible a teaser could be attached to that. Their next big release after that is a comedy (“27 Dresses”) on January 11. It's very unlikely it'll be attached to that. Next they have “Jumper” on February 15. Good chance for that one since it's a sci-fi thriller. Anything after that, and you're getting out of the teaser-trailer regime. You won't see a real full trailer until a month or 2 before the release.

    But that's OK, cause teaser trailers are always my favorite… especially when Night does it. Remember the teaser for Lady in the Water?!? It was soooo good.

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