Will Smith committed to Shyamalan’s untitled film

There is a project that Will Smith has been working on for a while now about Hurricane Katrina. A drama called THE AMERICAN CAN which tells the story of an ex-marine John Keller and his fight to save the elderly residents of the American Can apartment complex trapped without water, food and medical supplies. A project that he planned not only to produce, but to star in as well.

Now according to Vulture, Mr. Smith has bowed out of starring in this drama due to his commitment to the yet to be titled project with M.Night Shyamalan along side his son Jaden Smith, a sci-fi film written by Shyamalan himself and the ‘Book Of Eli’ scribe Gary Whitta. Since not starring anymore in THE AMERICAN CAN, Mr. Smith is keen on casting Mr. Denzel Washington in the lead role. This marks the second lead role Mr. Smith is passing after saying no to Quentin Tarantino’s spaghetti western style “Django Unchained.” And as far as his untitled sci-fi project with Shyamalan is concerned, stay tuned.



  1. I think that eveything that eaither of these two human beings touchies turns to gold. If the get together and make a movie, it would be twice twice the gold, hope it happens 🙂

  2. Hey, did you guys already saw this joke? I wonder why they don’t do the same to Michael Bay. http://mnightschool.com/
    That’s pretty hylarious, they already got 693,49, it wolud be nice if they give it to me, rsrsrs

  3. Matt,

    Good work. I like it, but the title of the project is not ‘1000 A.E’ anymore. And instead of the road, a picture of of the space would be nicer. Just my opinion. Overall, good work on your creativity.

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