Avatar to Shoot in June?

CinemaBlend has a list of films set to film in June, and found that Transformers 2 might be filming alongside Avatar: The Last Airbender in June.  This means that Avatar might be filming as soon as this June.  Here’s the report:

That’s really all the details that are given. The sequel is on a list of films set to start recording as soon as June, alongside M. Night Shyamalan’s Avatar, although there’s no guarantee that the movie will be approved (they’d be fools not to, however). I wish we had more news to report, but when we’re reduced to getting news from a real estate guide, we have to take what little we can get.


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  1. Hello, I am nicolas ; already is it known of that it she was treating this avatar's movie?, if this movie to go out in June, and the to give once finished the series; this means that the series of tv avatar was finishing before this date?
    If you can answer me, me interested much know, my mail address in hotmail:
    [email protected] 😉

    Excuse through that Englishman does not speak to the perfection, I live in Argentine x.x
    Good-bye :laughing:

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