1. The scar is on the wrong side…
    oh wait.. what happened to his scar?

    Its no surprise that Noah Ringer is white…
    but, I am surprised that he is not cute.

  2. Hmm..no offense, but it looks slightly cheesy. Perhaps it's the lighting. I shall reserve preliminary judgment until after seeing the trailer.

    Ah, I know what it is. The costumes are FAR too clean. Aang's looks like a high-grade Halloween costume. Weathering, anyone?

    @ Fufu Cuddly Poofs: Maybe it's a pre-scar flashback. Aside from that and the cheesyness alarm going off in my head, I could see the actors as the characters.

  3. Its just like Mako said,
    “White people in Asian outfits look ridiculous”

  4. FuFu, Winged: You're both ridiculous. Zuko's Scar is on the side of his face that we can't see in the picture. How is Zuko's costume clean? Can you see dirt on black clothes? They're promotional pictures. They're meant to be a glimpse. It's based on a cartoon, so the clothes being super clean makes some sense.

  5. Gesh, everybody here is turning into downers.

    I like the pictures a lot, especially Zuko!!

  6. what happened with zuko's hair?

    and aang's arrow has something like combustion man's forehead eye…

    cool though

  7. interesting theory.
    but during agni kai zuko had his pony tail already…

  8. ..yeah but zuko also wasnt indian and aang had blue arrows, but they still changed that. Maybe they decided zuko has short hair in this movie during the time of his agni kai.

  9. I love the look of Ang. If you're a fan of the series Ang looks very close to how he should, I'm impressed and excited. Though I'm a little concerned about the fact that Zuko doesn't seem to have the scare, hopefully it is the agni kai… but Ang looks great! And i doubt they'll put Zuko in a ponytail it'd look bad and was annoying in the first season, that's why i think they changed in the second/third.

  10. Specter: My opinion about the costumes was poorly expressed, and I apologize. I may be too used to seeing stills taken directly from the movie. Also, since I didn't remember which side Zuko's scar was on, I was just taking Fufu's word for it and hypothesizing. And as for his hair being different…I like it better this way anyway. 😛

    I'm not trying to be downer by any means, and am looking forward to future promotional photographs and the trailer.

  11. i think a bright blue arrow and a collosal scar wouldhave been too animae, too unrealistic this is definatley a more realistic version of aang and zuko

  12. well then thats not aang they dont't have to make his arrow animae they make real life.thats not even aang or zuko weres his scare

  13. Aang is alright.
    I was still hoping that he was going to be at least part asian. But i guess that tradition (white people playing asian lead roles) is never going to change.

    I have a feeling this is going to be the next Dragon Ball Evolution…

    I just hope that Aang looks different in the movie and this is just a “sample” picture to introduce Noah Ringer.

  14. hey Arjano, what do u mean the next dragonball evolution…do u mean that it will suck, or that the lead role is a white person…becuz goku isnt asian…he's an alien, so i thought goku being white was fine.

  15. My hopes have been realized!! Zuko's scar is how I imagined it would be and Aang will be using his staff. I'm sooo glad they didn't copycat every aspect of the show. This movie is going to fresh and all kinds of wicked!

  16. Yeah, Noah looks ridiculous in that picture.
    First, he is the wrong ethnicity. Aang should be Asian. Second, the expression the kid is giving us just makes him look really bad.
    Dev, the guy may be talented, but he looks NOTHING like Zuko. FAIL!

    Also Bob, you're really stupid if you think Zuko is white in the show. Really, what the hell? Does Zuko have to have really yellow skin to appear “Asian” to you. Moron. I hope you're just trolling.

  17. well real bob if you watch book 1 zuko skin is white but later on it dous get tan.

  18. I know it's early…but I'm not feelin that kid for Aang. Zuko looks great but I think we should've seen Aang maybe smiling or looking a little cheerful maybe? I mean THAT'S Aang. The positive cheerful monk kid. This kid just looks gloomy and angry.

  19. @the real bob: I think this picture proves academically that Aang is, in fact, white. It’s a nearly spot on match.

  20. @Jack: “the armor looks like lord of the rings”

    That style of helmet is not exclusive to The Lord of the Rings. It’s actually a common style of helmet from many points in history.

  21. :laughing: ZUKO LOOKES SUPER SUPER HOT! I'M REALL HAPPY THEY DIDN'T DO THE DUMB PONY ON DEV BECAUSE HE LOOKS SO MUCH HOTTER W/O IT! and for those of u who don't understand some of these things, they're doing the features from the cartoons realistically. like a tatoo really wouldn't be blue and all that, they made it a real tatoo. and for the scar, that is what a burn on someone's face would look like in real life. this is a live-action movie, not a copy cat of the tv show. they're taking their own interpretations on things, and for me it is paying off. i don't want a copy of the tv show. and i hope they change things in the plot too, because mike & bryan really f*ed up the ending.

  22. Why are some of you judging noah ringer off of one picture? Of course aang is a happy kid, but this is just a pose for a shoot, to give us an idea of hia costume and arrow design. Stop expecting the movie to be exactly like the show and if you dont like it, dont watch it or comment here.

  23. :tongue: You know, I personally like the way these guys look. About Noah's expression: Aang is a goofy kid, but when it's time to be serious he is, so i like to think about Noah's expression in the pic as one when Aang is pissed or ready to fight. Dev looks awesome and i like Noah's stance, it looks like he knows some martial arts, which brings me to my most important point:

    Guys, you're focusing on all the wrong things. First of all, an actor could be a good look-alike, but may not be able to act like the charachter, so then what's the point of him looking like the charachter… Anyway, don't focus on these things. This show was mostly about martial arts and their similarities with the elements and the way a bender can manipulate them. Like i said, i like the way Zuko and Aang look, but if they don't know how to fight, then it will suck big time and will truly not be faithfull to the series.

    But i, like many of you, trust Shyamalan and i'm rooting for him. He can make a kickass movie cause he's one hell of a director. He just needs to take his time and get the story straight and focus on the acting/fighting. Those 3 things and you got a mega hit. I'm praying for this to be as good as it could be.


    PS: About ethnicity: Guys, give it a rest and let the ball run.

  24. I think they look great! I'm very happy with the way they have adapted the looks of the characters to living actors. I especially like Aang's tatoos. Noah Ringer is a cutie and I think he resembles Aang.

  25. man people, this is a live action movie, not a cartoon! they are trying to make this look realistic, and a realistic scar is not one that looks like the cartoon scar (red) and the aang's arrow looks like something a monk would really have, with ancient air nomad designs on it. I am really happy with these pic!

  26. i agree with bobo88. Im just glad its not going to be like a cartoon with real people in it like Speedracer. Even though Speedracer was live action they really made it look like the cartoon, which is not a bad thing for them because they ment to make it look like that. But for this movie they are trying to make it look real, and with the way the actors look now, they are doing a great job 🙂

  27. are this the suits they are going to be using in the movie? or these are just suits for a pic

  28. Im sure people were commanding for SOMETHING from the show. I think these pics are just promo pics just to satisfy the fans. So i dont think the outfits are perminate. They certainly could be though…

  29. i think these are the suits. I'd rather these than the shows, just because it's different.

  30. im fine with these suits. If they used the suits from the show, it would look too cartoony for me, like they are just costumes.

  31. Why should Aang be Asian its rediculous to me for every one to trip on him being white. Its Fiction, just because your imaginary version of him in your mind is asian doesnt mean thats what he is. The creators of the show were white maybe thats what they wanted. Ultimately its not earth the cultures of our world have nothing to do with the Avatar world and its peoples ethnicitys.

  32. Oh ya, lastly I am pissed that M. Night Shamalan gave in to a bunch of babys and changed the cast I lost alot of respect for him cus of that.

  33. Zuko character is perfect the way he is.Plus he’s being played by a great actor who can expressed the same feelings he had expressed in the cartoons. On the other hand I’m not feeling Aang’s character, and I’ve seen the trailer and some other pictures.

    But regarding the race issue, give it up guys. it doesn’t matter since when is are movies true to ethnicity these days. this is not the first time that a white person played an asian character.

  34. “This is not the first time that a white person played an asian character.”

    Unfortunately, this is the rule rather than the exception. Ethnicity wouldn’t be an issue if the reverse were often true, but we all know that never happens. I come up with the conclusion that this is the reason why people SHOULDN’t give it up.

  35. And I’ve come up with the conclusion that you’re wasting your time for something that you’ll never be able to change even in the slightest. The cast has been chosen, the film has been shot. You lost. Get over it.

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