M. Night Shyamalan Scouts Possible Filming Location in Berks County

Berks County’s famed pagoda could soon hit the silver screen as part of an M. Night Shyamalan film. 69 News has learned the movie director was at the pagoda scouting out the area as a potential movie location.

They’re told he has not made his final decision on a location.

Berks County Setting for The Last Airbender Berks County Setting for The Last Airbender


  1. wow…gee i hope that they look beyond Americas shores for filming locations…
    (Disclaimer, i am Australian, I googled Berks County and it appears to be in the US…)

  2. This would be an awesome place to shoot for Avatar Roku's Temple on the crescent island. Greenland will also be good for the South Pole.

  3. They are looking to film in an asian looking background but the actors will technically be all white…

  4. Greenland is where they will shoot for two weeks and then the rest of the movie will be filmed in PA

  5. I am terribly excited at the prospect of him filming in Berks County. I don't believe there has been a film shot here since “Rabbit, Run” back in 1968 (?). And we have plenty of local talent for extras.

  6. Yup they're officially coming to Reading! It was in my local newspaper yesterday and I'm just looking for when they're gonna be here. Oh, and I'm just glad that they got someone as awesome as Dev Patel to be Aang – at least the main guy isn't a whitey.

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