1. woooooooooooooooa!!

    exelente se ve genial muchas felicidades esta padrisima la foto, ojala que no me bateen por contestar en espa�ol

  2. You can't see it? It's there… if we had a bigger version of this picture, it'd be easier to see it. They created a more realistic burn mark than the cartoon version.

  3. Bob: That style of helmet is not exclusive to The Lord of the Rings. It's actually a common style of helmet from many points in history.

  4. Oh, cool! They're in Katara and Sokka's village! The armor looks great. I wonder if there are any red accents like in the cartoon, though. I liked that color combination.

    About Zuko's scar: you can see it better if you tilt your screen or increase the contrast of the photo. They did a good job on it.

  5. Dev looks nothing like Zuko.
    They didn't put any effort into making the armor somewhat look like the FN armor in the show.
    This movie is shaping up to both suck and look nothing like Avatar.

  6. the real bob: The actors don't need to look like the characters. It may be a positive, but it's how they actually PLAY the characters the defines the quality of their performance.

    From what we can see, no, the armor doesn't look like the original armor. But there is only a very small visible portion, and the rest is covered by a cloak. Besides, there is such a thing as artistic license. Granted, I may have liked the original armor better, but different isn't always bad.

    It's extremely difficult to make an accurate jugement of a film just from pictures – especially as few as have been provided thus far. The trailer will likely give a more accurate representation of the look and feel of the film.

  7. @Winged: This pic is cut from a larger version of the pic. There is a little red lining the fire nation suits in the larger version, but not enough IMO. I always stress that the FN suits need to be RED, no emo black. ><'

  8. Anyone notice this Photo and the one of the Northern Water Tribe set, that it seem like they are trying to stay close to the story as much as they can for a 2 and a half hour movie based on 20 half hour episodes.

  9. @Winged: Sorry Winged, but I feel with the “they actually PLAY the characters the defines the quality of their performance” comment you made that you're just coming up with the cheap excuse to defend M Night's actions. Why are Asians allowed to be discriminated against and pushed aside, but that doesn't apply for whites. Are you aware of the TV show The Boondocks? Would you srtiously be sitting here and defending a live action Boondocks movie that has a white Huey Freeman as the main character? You most likely wouldn't. I'm sorry, but people need to stop pretending that the charaters of Avatar aren't Asian and that anyone can play them. I know a LOTR movie with an Asian cast would of been stupid, so is a Avatar movie with white heroes and Indian villains. Stop making up excuses for this cast. They aren't hiding the fact that M Night screwed up royally on the cast.

  10. your right the real bob,this movie is sucking the armor zukos scare aangs arrow their suits this isnt even avatar any more.

  11. :smile:bob's right the hemelts is from lord of the rings,then aragorn is going to save them all the aragorn is going to kill fake zuko

  12. 🙂 It looks cool!!! The armor looks REALISTIC. I like most the armor from the series, but this is a live action film. I like Dev Patel as Zuko. He's not like the tv Character physically, but in his face I can see how he is. I like him.

  13. @the real bob: I should probably make it clear that I have never watched any of M. Night's movies previous work, and feel no need whatsoever to defend him or his decisions. I, too, believe that the cast should more accurately represent the ethnic diversity of the Avatar world. But since the cast has been finalized, I see no reason to complain about decisions that can't be changed. I'm not trying to make excuses for anyone. I just don't want to cut off the option of being entertained by the movie because I don't agree with the ethnicity of the actors.

    @DNDragonmare: Really? That's disappointing. 🙁 I liked the red armor.

  14. @Winged: The reason we “complain” is because we want to make our opinions known and we want to explain to people who support this movie why the cast is wrong. That is why. Believe me, we know the casting will not be changed, which is why our main goal is to boycott the movie, but I shouldn't be mentioning that on a fansite.
    Anyway, have fun with the movie. Tell me how it goes.

  15. sure it doesn't look anything like the cartoon we all love but I think it looks REALISTIC. Thats the key thing. If Zuko walked around in what he wears in the show and had his hair in a bald top pony tail it wouldn't be taken seriously. I think Dev looks awesome!….and believable

  16. Your boycott will do nothing but help TLA make more money. Ever seen “Arrested Development?” In it, a movie is boycotted and ends up being a smash hit.

  17. I'm sick of all of you complaining about them “not being accurate.” We've already seem avatar and the ideas of mike and bryan. Now its time to see someone elses vision of the avatar world. Its a fresh new start. Why would u go see a movie about something you already seen. I like all the changes, fire nation idians, aangs new arrow design, and zuko's hair. Its different and i love it. So, if you're pissed about the changes then dont see the f***ing movie and stop commenting here. Go boycott a better cause. (not directed to any “The Last Airbender supportors.”

  18. Wait.

    Why didn't they just cast Dante Basco, the voice actor of Prince Zuko? Did they ever consider him? Just wondering.

  19. Dante is in his thirties. That would just be weird if he was chasing around 12 year old Noah (Aang).

  20. I'm not a real great fan of M. Night because I always feel that his movies come short towards the endings, but I am a fan of Avatar. But getting on to my point, I would have to agree with Winged, most movies aren't accurate to their original counterparts and I feel like it really doesn't take away from the movie IF they can play their roles accurately. In my case, I just recently watched Star Trek and although I'm not a fan of it and it isn't accurate to the original, I still felt like it was one of the best movies I've watched in a long time [nothing beats Asian movies though]. Although I do hate it when American remakes on movies like Dragonball cast White people when they aren't White in the anime and their acting is really REALLY bad. If their acting was good, like what Winged said, I would be able to get over their appearances and just appreciate the director's efforts in bringing to life a movie version of something I already like.

  21. @ the real bob: Discrimination? Seriously? Take a look at the cast list again. By no means is the cast all white. And I'm just curious – since when was India not part of Asia??
    And while the Avatar world was heavily influenced by certain Asian cultures, the world itself and the races are not the same as this world and the various races here. For instance – which race on this planet is naturally dark-skinned and blue eyed? There isn't one. Because the Avatar world isn't this planet, and it isn't populated by people from this planet. Get over it.

  22. i am sooo glad they are not making this movie look cartoon. if they made zuko look the same, (same hair, same clothes, same scar) and if aang's arrow was the same it would seem like we are just watching the cartoon again. And this movie is not only for kids, its geared toward adults too, and i think they are doing a great job so far 😀

  23. and people seem to think that all the characters in this movie should be played by Asians, but have you not noticed that in the cartoon the four nations are four DIFFERENT nations. Much like this planet, the four different nations (or counties) should look DIFFERENT- In the movie: water tribe- cacasians, fire nation- indians, earth kingdom- asians (so far i guess), and air nomads- doesnt matter cause there is only one. And just because they picked Indians to play fire nation people does NOT mean they are being racist. They picked these people because they obviously thought they ACTED the best, and i really dont think it should matter which nation is which race just as long as they portray the characters well. 🙂

  24. ah just get over the helmets already. I do agree they look like LOTR but there is no point complaining.

  25. specter: i dont know why you think i am showing my historical ignorance if i didnt even say anything about the history of the helmets. And we are just stating our opinions about the look helmets so dont call us fools. It just annoys me that people think it is a BAD thing that they look like LOTR, thats all

  26. Re: Lord of the Rings…. again, give it up. If you look at the actual helmets that they’re wearing, they look like all sorts of helmets from throughout history. From shogun to Trojan to roman. Stop showing your historical ignorance. You sound like fools when you talk about the helmets and compare them to Lord of the Rings (as if that’d be a negative at all… all three were nominated for Best Picture and the third swept every nomination).

  27. respekt44: sorry about the mis-communication. I wasn’t actually talking to you. I should have been more clear in who that was directed at, and I apologize. This was directed toward momo and bob.

  28. I wasn't even thinking about LOTR when i saw the helmets lol. idk why ppl r calling it LOTR 4 jus because of the design of the helmet. I've seen the design plenty of times in movies besides LOTR.

  29. I really enjoyed Dev Patel on Slumdog… A nice discovery… Now I'm happy Shyamalan to picked up him for Aavatar… Zuko looks cools, but… Waiting for the trailer to see him better… ^^


  30. :crying:This stupid realistic movie makes me sad! I WANT THE ANIME BACK ! ! ! ! !

  31. No one’s going to stop you from watching the cartoon. (It’s not anime. It’s american made and Korean animated. Anime is made in JAPAN.)

  32. his ears kinda throw me off a little but that wont change my mind on how excited i am for the trailer! :laughing:

  33. thank you for leting me comment again.i have sceen a bigger pic of this pic the armor has some red in it

  34. to suki<, im a big fan of avatar and i think the movie is going to end up bad,but im still going to watch it cause im a big fan,if your a fan you should watch it to……:)

  35. @ avatar0771> the trailer is going to be attached to the new Transformers movie, which comes out June 24th (correct me if im wrong). But i am now definitly going to Transformers 2! :tongue:

  36. ok thank bobo88 i hope they put it on the internet cause i dont wanna go see transformers 2 just for avatar

  37. OMG, I haven't been on this site for like a year. Wonderful shots. When does the film come out??

  38. I'm not digging the scar, not trying to be picky here but it's a defining feature that is constantly brought attention to again and again in the series.maybe a bad picture i don't know,but i think he was a really good choice for this part regardless

  39. wow…you think that the rider of rohan are the ONLY people to ever wear helmets like that? Open your minds people! How many midevil movies have you seen anyway? Not many obviously, This movie's going to be phenomenal just as M. Night is, He is one of my film idols, I can only pray to be as well of a director/writer as him.

  40. To Meghan: I think it would be a better detail of the scar if he wasn't in the snow you know? Just like Starwars, everything's harder to see in the snow…blasted snow! haha

  41. i love the cartoon series…if there gonna do this movie they need to do it right. The armor looks like its from the movie 300…zukos hair looks like he just came of a roller coaster and his scar looks like laugh lines…Aangs tattoo isnt blue and his cloths look nothing like the cartoon…and y r all the actors/actresses caucation?

    • I’m going to respond to you point by point:

      “armor looks like its from the movie 300”

      No, it looks like the armor of the Riders of Rohan in Lord of the Rings. Actually: It’s reminiscent of armor from throughout a lot of history. It’s called making a realistic movie.

      “…zukos hair looks like he just came of a roller coaster and his scar looks like laugh lines…”

      You expect his hair to be perfectly brushed? Also, the scar is a realistic burn. Wait’ll you see it in High Definition.

      “Aangs tattoo isnt blue and his cloths look nothing like the cartoon..”

      They tried out MANY MANY styles for the Arrow until they found one that, not only looked great, but looked great on film and would work for the story.

      “y r all the actors/actresses caucation?”

      They aren’t.

      • ok dude…no one likes ur comebacks…ur just mad becouse we are pointing out all the things that we think the crew could have done a better job on…and the movie is based on a CARTOON…cartoons arnt very realistic so y should the movie be? huuuuuu?


        • I suppose the irony of that statement was lost on you. How old are you, anyway?

          I am so sure that no one likes my comebacks, because they are logical. As for the movie based on the CARTOON, look at the latest interview with Night. He’s making it more realistic and taking out a lot of the slap-sticky stuff.

          The film has every right to be realistic when the cartoons aren’t. They’d be doing themselves a disservice not to be somewhat realistic.

          I’m not mad, just upset at the ignorance that is shown, but it’s not your fault. I think age and wisdom is to blame, as well as knowledge of filmmaking, and a studio putting up $150 MILLION into a movie.

          • “ur” is short for your. slap-sticky? who says that? besides u… and CARTOON was to bring out that it is based on a cartoon…and dont call me ignorant and that “age and wisdom is to blame” cuz its not. o and does everything about u have to be logical?

  42. The initial casting rumors concerned me at first, but nowadays I'm happy to see the film is coming along nicely. I'm hoping to finally have a series of films I can collect. (grumble grumble starwars cough matrix)

  43. What? OK first off the scar should be more like a third degree burn then bad acne. This is because like 1/2 said before, The scar of Prince Zuko plays a huge role on how his character is defined and how Zuko himself portrays his actions and reactions.
    Spoiler * besides Zuko received the scar from the Fire Lord, who is a ruthless tyrant who dose NOT SHOW MERCY to his allies and more to his family.

    Second, why are people complaining about the armor and costumes and whatnot? Its like when X-Men 1 came out. Why were people hopping to see yellow spandex? I still don’t know.

    Only three things matters in all movies. which are STORY and ACTING

    If the story is a flop so will be the movie.

    If these young actors can portray the complexity that the creators of Avatar created then hands down this is be a BEYOND GREAT FLICK, if not…

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