Future looks Rosy for Bryce

There’s an interesting new wild card in the upcoming Spider-Man 3.It comes in the person of Bryce Dallas Howard, currently on view as a mysterious nymph in Lady in the Water, and soon to be seen in the role of Shakespeare’s most enchanting heroine, Rosalind, in Kenneth Branagh’s film version of As You Like It.

Ron Howard’s beautifulred-haired daughter recently completed her work on Spider-Man 3, inwhich she plays Kirsten Dunst’s rival for the affections of Tobey Maguire’s Spidey. She won’t go into any more detail than that –everybody connected with the film is tight-lipped about the plotspecifics — but she does say she loved making it.

“The experience with Spider-Man was absolutely marvellous,” says the 24-year-old actress. “It was so great. You wouldn’t think this of a huge Hollywood blockbuster film, but everyone on the set has a tremendous amount of integrity, and all their hearts are in the right  place. Sam Raimi is the most collaborative, generous, wonderful filmmaker. All of the people and all the actors are so incredibly cool.I had a really really good time.”


She hopes that audiences will also rediscover Lady in the Water for themselves. She certainly loved working with Shyamalan a second time.

“He deals with a lot of criticism, and in a way, it would be much easier for him to do a film that’s reminiscent of The Sixth Sense or something like that. But the fact that he’s really pushing himself and demanding that the film be bold and original — that in itself is very moving.  The story is so simple. It’s a simple fairy tale … a very moral story… a fable of people finding their purpose in life.”

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