‘Lady in the Water’ DVD Rumors and Tid-bits…

Although ’Lady in the Water’ is just making it’s debut in many overseas markets, it has faded from many of the theaters in America. Thus the attention has turned towards the DVD release. ‘Lady in the Water’ DVD rumors are being talked about on many message boards across the Internet, and people are speculating about the release date, features, commentary, and other goodies. The Digital Bits is reporting in their “Rumor Mill” that ‘Lady’ is looking at a December 19th release date, and unconfirmed sources are saying that Shyamalan will be doing an audio commentary for the film. Shyamalan, who has somewhat spoken out against making commentary tracks for DVD’s, is said to be answering the critics during the commentary. Although I hope this doesn’t turn into Night going off on a rant against the critics, I am dying to hear him speak in detail about this absolutely wonderful movie. I can hear the giggles now 


  1. a commentary by him should be interesting. guess we'll have to wait and see. hope it does come out that soon before christmas, if so its on my shopping list for 4.

  2. I am just hoing that when they put out the DVD, there will be special features on it, and I hope he continues his small tradition of putting one of his home movies from when he was a little kid on the DVD. But I think that the movie deserves a 2-disc treatment myself. It was that great of a movie!

  3. I remember the initial DVD for the Village had a lot of extra features, then for whatever reason they cut a majority of them out. Lets hope the Lady DVD gets a little more than the Village!

  4. This is kinda out of subject, but I have a theory on M. Night's next. In a certain interview, he said he had six different ideas for the next pic. Like the publicity stunt for the LitW picture book, maybe his next is one of the ideas in the American Express commercial, there were seven different ideas. The special seventh one, it's hard to tell which, could be the next! :wassat: :tongue: :laughing: 🙂 😉

  5. I personnally hope it's the death lady, the hooded man, the vanishing trio of men, or even the mind-powered parents (and baby)? But that's if the theory is correct. Oh well. Whatever Shyamalan does I'll like. Even The Village does well on my list.

  6. And the funny thing is I was rooting for four of the seven! That's over half! I hope he does all of them! :tongue: 🙂 :laughing:

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