Bryce Dallas Howard Scarred by ‘Fat Camp’ Experience

Bryce Dallas Howard was sent to “fat camp” to lose weight before filming on new movie Lady In The Water began. The diminutive daughter of filmmaker Ron Howard was left feeling so hungry, she considered taking her own life before teaming with M. Night Shyamalan on the project.

And when Natalie Portman heard about her friend’s experience, she was shocked. In an interview with Elle magazine, Portman gushes, “You went to weight-loss camp? But you were so, so tiny!”

Bryce responds, “I went to this spa. It wasn’t called a fat camp but it totally was. There was one night where I was contemplating ending my life – that’s how hungry I was… I was on 30 pizzas a day when I got back.”

[from StarPulse]


  1. It was on StarPulse… I don't think they'd make up something like that. It'd be pretty stupid to do that.. plus, it has a quote from Elle magazine.

  2. Well, according to “The Man Who Heard Voices” Bryce is a bit of a health food nut. Thirty pizzas doesn't sound like something she'd say. My vote is untrue.

  3. Besides if the quote from Elle were legit, then the article should have linked it, They didn't.

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