Harry Potter and the New Master of Suspense?

from ComingSoon.net: During the press day for Lady in the Water, ComingSoon.net asked writer/director M. Night Shyamalan whether his new studio partner Warner Bros. has tried to convince him to direct one of the last two Harry Potter movies. It certainly would be an interesting thing to see a filmmaker mostly known for directing movies from his own scripts, to adapt the adventures of one of the most popular literary characters.

“You know, that Harry Potter dance has gone on a long time,” he told us. “The problem is that it is a living breathing thing now, all by itself. When it comes over to my camp, it needs to be kind of handed over, adoption papers and everything. That’s a tricky move.

“I haven’t met with J.K. [Rowling],” he continued. “The first one was offered to me, but that conflicted with Unbreakable, which was unfortunate. I would definitely, but I think probably before that I would adapt a book. I’ve gotten close a few times to adapting books.”

Stay tuned for more with Night, as it gets closer to the release of his new movie Lady in the Water, which opens on July 21.


  1. I think M. Night has a good point. I also believe it isn't really his style… And I also think the people who aren't M. Night fans but Harry Potter fans will be like “What in the world? It's too slow and too real. I don't like it!” I don't know…I don't think I would like it either. I like seeing what M. Night will think of next! But I thought it was interesting that they offered him the first movie of Harry Potter! :laughing:

  2. …i don't know, i think i'd enjoy an HP movie directed by Night, book 6 would be interesting….

  3. Definately can see it being both a fan of the harry potter books and Nights films, it actually makes me happy that they offered it to him…shows how much Warner Bros. trusts him, they must truly see his talent shining through Lady in the Water, another good sign :laughing:

  4. … i think it'll become awesome.. i;m a fan of both harry potter and m.night.. the combination of them will be great.. harry potter can be more dark on his hand.. :laughing:

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