Hold On Mr. Mathew Fox

Happy Presidents Day Everyone! – It’s a beautiful sunny Monday morning in our city and  I took my hot cup of tea in my room and went online to check what’s really going on in the entertainment world. I came across this article about this actor “Mathew Fox.” I didn’t even knew the guy until I read the article and checked his IMDb list. Some of you may know him if you watch the show LOST, but I don’t watch that show, so I didn’t knew this guy actually existed.

You can read the article here. He is really angry, for he can’t the get the big roles in big movies that he fights for. He claims that Matt Damon gets all those roles and he is also angry because of 3D and also angry because he took his kid to watch “The Last Airbender” and he thinks the film is awful. And, he goes on to claim that M.Night Shyamalan hasn’t directed a good movie since “The Sixth Sense.” I find his remarks absurd and shocking. Like everyone else he takes on Shyamalan to get attention. I know everyone has their own opinion, but he is angry because of the roles he can’t get and angry because of mainstream film industry in the U.S.

What really bothers me is when someone like him who hasn’t done anything yet and never contributed to the cinema anything  goes on and opens the mouth and bashes another artist. He claims that he will be quitting acting. Well, Mr. Mathew Fox if you by any chance come across this article,  we all M.Night Shyamalan fans and everyone else would never notice your resignation anyway. And here is piece of advise, watch all Shyamalan films and all those actors in his films you won’t be getting to their level. Not even to the level of Haley Joel Osment.


  1. Pfff… He WISHES he had been cast in any of Shyamalan’s successful movies. If he’s in such a bad situation, it isn’t a good idea to knock down somebody who is in better shape and could potentially hire him.

    • Shyamalan would never hire him. After this, Shyamalan wouldn’t even look at him. May be Shyamalan is not even aware of this guy as an actor.

  2. All I can say is AM SHOCK THAT MATHEW FOX WOULD SAID THIS TO TLA. Come on the Last Airbender was not a bad movie; there were other movies that didn’t make good expections. The only movie that I can remember that was based on anime is SPEED RACER that movie made just about 40 mil at the box office and had a budget of at least 120 mil. Oh guess what? This guy starts in that movie as RACER X. I can only tell that He is piss because TLA made more money than SPEED RACER.

  3. So an pretty much unknown is trashing a very well known director? Actings hard, there are alot of people going after a few Big roles, hes lucky to have any. If you like him or not, M.nights a big director that this guy is talking about for no reason. Now if M.Night produces, directs, or has anything to do with a film this guys interested in, he may not get it. Its a very small business.

  4. So because he’s a small actor, he’s not allowed to voice his opinions?

    Stop being fanboys. It’s not just him who holds that opinion.

    While, of course, I think he’s completely wrong, it’s a popular opinion.

    • Course he is, but why is he talking about it? maybe we didn’t hear the whole interveiw…
      I just don’t think its a smart move for his careeer. (isn’t that what I said? Its what I thought I communicated) It seemed like he was just complaining randomly. If he had done it on a blog, fine that what a blogs for, or twitter or something. But why in this interveiw? its not like the movie’s keeping him from the roles he wants, lol, for some reason casting directers haven’t found a role they want him for yet.
      PS: im a girl 😉

      • i wasn’t replying to you i was replying to the original post. so.. “rohan” i guess

  5. Personally, I like Matthew Fox as an actor, and I love Shyamalan’s movies. I loved Lost from beginning to end, and bought the Blu-ray set. 🙂

    I just think that, unfortunately, a lot of it is media hype influenced, and a lot of it is living up to the hype that came with The Sixth Sense. In many minds, he did, and in many he did not.

    Matthew Fox is a good actor, but right now he’s too well known for Lost. Prior to that, Party of Five.

    Lost was awesome, and most tv shows have been trying to fill the void it left behind.

    P.S.: Rohan, watched any Miyazaki movies yet?

  6. That’s a horrible thing to say about Shyamalan. I’m sick of everyone putting down his movies.

  7. I really liked Matthew Fox in Lost too. And personally, I thought The Last Airbender was a disappointment. So I agree with him there. But Unbreakable was astounding. Signs was very good as was The Village. Lady In The Water and The Happening had flaws. So did Devil. But even Spielberg directed 1941, Hook, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, so everyone should be allowed a flub or two (or four).

    Secondly, even though I always expect people to dislike Unbreakable, it still amazes me when I hear them say that The Sixth Sense was Night’s only good movie. Unbreakable was simply amazing–but amazing in a way that not everyone will appreciate. Matt, I’m rooting for your career, but please re-adjust your attitude and go back and watch Unbreakable again!

  8. I’ve never seen LOST, but I am aware that it has a big fan base and also it’s a good and successful show. I was never aware of Matthew Fox until his Monday’s remarks kind of surprised me.

    The main focus on that article I posted above is that Mr. Fox says “The Last Airbender” was awful. Okay, he can say that cause that’s his opinion, but why pick on Shyamalan all of a sudden?

    He is naive as an actor and I am sure he will never noticed. He is considering to quit and hope he doesn’t come back with this attitude.

    PS. – @Specter – No man, I haven’t seen it. It’s on my list and I will be watching “Grave of the fireflies.” It’s on my list.

  9. I do not like this article.

    Everyone is allowed to have his own opinion. That means Mathew Fox has the right, it means Rohan has the right and it means I have the right. But we can all agree that opinions are different for each person.
    Rohan is basically telling to Mathew Fox that he has to shut up. Which is wrong, because Fox may have his opinion, but also Rohan is allowed to have an opinion, so who am I to say that he may not have it?

    But, the front page of MNightFans.com, speaks for all M. Night fans. When Fox reads this, he thinks that all M. Night fans are assholes, which is not true.

    I think this would have been better if Rohan posted this as himself on the forum instead of the front page. But that’s just my opinion.

    (Oh, by the way, Rohan. This may sound that I think you’re an asshole, but I don’t. I just disagree with your discion to post this on the front page)

    • @Erik,

      I think the article is published at the right place. This is a website about M.Night Shyamalan and someone just disrespected his work openly. Yes, you are right. Everyone has their opinion. Mr. Fox had stated his opinion and we all M.Night fans also have the right to express our opinion based on what Mr. Fox stated.

      Do you agree with Mr. Fox, Erik? – Do you think all M.Night films suck except THE SIXTH SENSE?

      As an actor and after working in such great shows like LOST and working with other professional actors, I think it’s pretty rude of Mr. Fox coming out and bashing all of a sudden M.Night Shyamalan’s films. I don’t think that’s right. Most of the other articles on net calling him names.

      I agree with him with most of other stuff he talked about. I haven’t seen his acting talents, but I still hope he comes out big and proves everyone wrong. He claims that the roles he wants to play it goes to Matt Damon. I think he should work his way very hard to reach where Mr. Damon is today. Damon worked very hard. He started from scratch and today Mr. Damon is a A-Lister and a Oscar Winning actor.

      I didn’t posted this article as fan boy bitching, but to share what’s going on and what’s being stated which is totally relevant to subject of this site.

      And, thanks for not thinking me as an A-hole.

  10. I deffinately don’t agree with Fox, ’cause I liked The Last Airbender, but I don’t like to be part of a fanbase when the official leaders of it, place stuff like this on the front page. A lot of people bash M. Night and we never really care about them. Why should we now?

    Have you ever read this article: http://www.hollywood.com/news/Why_Are_Chris_Nolans_Fans_Such_Jerks/7171914
    This situation is not completely the same, but can be compared. Do you want the next blog to be called Why Are M. Night Fans Such Jerks, written by M. Fox?

    I believe we are better then people who are bashing M. Night. Almost everyone is bashing M. Night, stop caring about it and be yourself. You like his movies, I like his movies, don’t get pissed of someone doesn’t.

    • 🙂 Erik, I have read that article. I am aware of it.

      Mr. Fox has his own opinion and we as M.Night fans as well. I placed the article, for that’s my opinion and most of the comments here clearly indicates that we are all mad at Mr. Fox. This doesn’t make any jerks or A-holes.

      If Mr. Fox reads this article, I want him to learn something from it. His career hasn’t even picked up yet he started bashing another artist simply for no reason.

      I think it was collider.com, but I am 100% not sure which site it was. They published an article after INCEPTION was released. They clearly stated that Shyamalan and Nolan are hacks. Idiotic remarks were mad, I had to email them and expressed my opinion professionaly.

      • Rohan, I check on this site every few days to see what M. Night is up to. today, I come online to see this article on the front page and I must say, I am shocked. You’ve misunderstood a lot of what Matthew Fox was talking, taking him literally when he was using points just to make examples. Night was an example, Matt Damon was an example. He probably doesn’t hold anything against either of those guys personally.

        Any one person is aloud to say they don’t like an M. Night film. It’s OK. If he hasn’t enjoyed anything by M. Night since Sixth Sense, that’s his opinion. It’s not up to you or me to change his mind.

        Fox is a brilliantly talented actor and has said since around season 5 of Lost that he may walk away from acting all together because the show took so much out of him.

        Matthew Fox would learn nothing from reading this article. All he would see is a representative of a community throwing his toys out of the pram because he doesn’t like the same films. Many people dislike Shyamalan’s films, will you be writing articles attacking their opinions too?

        Let it go and just enjoy what you enjoy. It’s really not a big deal. Fox said nothing to be mad at. If you attack people whose opinions are different to yours, you’d be fighting people every day. Different opinions make the world a varied and interesting place. Enjoy it.

      • I actually agreed with everything Mr. Fox said, except for the comment about The Sixth Sense being Night’s only good film. And also, I actually liked The Last Airbender, but it’s very easy for me to see why many people didn’t. I agree with the comment given earlier about Unbreakable. I wonder if Fox has even seen it. I wonder if the comment about Sixth Sense set you off, because it’s so common, and almost cliched now. Perhaps you should re-read the article and get a better feel of what he was actually trying to say about the direction that the film industry, as a whole, is going. Either way, Mathew Fox is a fantastic actor, and is definitely open to his opinion, just like everyone. Not because he is a fantastic actor; but because he’s human. Honestly, I think it’s extremely childish, disrespectful, and immature to post this article on the front page, and gives us Night fans a bad name.

  11. I personally liked the “Last Airbender” movie. I am looking forward to the rest of the series. I know most adults didn’t like it, but I thought it had promise and I am fifty, and still enjoyed it. I feel it would be a great lesson of life teacher to our young adults today. In a time when understanding, sympathy, compassion and great worth in one’s self is, ever so, needed today, this movie is great. And I for one, would like to see more. Like the Harry Potter movies, I think the “Last Airbender” series could be a great hit for the next generation coming up.

  12. Matthew Fox is extremely talented. There’s nothing wrong about voicing your opinion (and yeah, Last Airbender sucked anyway you slice it). Do I agree with everything he said? No. But I’m not gonna get all butt-hurt about it. Seeing all the fanboy bashing here is so immature. The funny thing is that you claim you’ve never heard of Matthew Fox but you found him important enough to write about him. lol.

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