UNpopular opinion: The Last Airbender

A friend, Paul Gagne who writes for Joblo.com has written an interesting article under their ongoing column called ‘Unpopular Opinion’ which features different takes on films that either writer hated, but that the majority of film fans loved, or that the writer loved, but that most others loathed. The film in question is ‘The Last Airbender.’ We all know about the negativity which is surrounding the film. Some loved the film and some hated it. Everyone has their own opinion, right? — But what’s really interesting about Paul’s take on ‘The Last Airbender’ is that he has the spotlight from a different angle and that pretty much explains it all in my opinion. It’s an interesting read and thanks to Joblo.com and Paul letting me share the article with the rest of Shyamalan fans.

“So, my final take on the film is that it stepped up to the plate with emotional arcs for the two main characters, great special effects and impressive fight scenes, great set design and costumes, and just a hint of socio-political undertones.”

Paul Gagne – Joblo.com

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  1. Kudos for Paul in defending the film and there are still people that respond to his article demonizing the film. But I am glad that are few brave men like him who stand alone and embrace this movie even as the so called majority of the fans bash it. This is a kind of act that seperates you from the others and becomes more intelectual than the rest.

  2. Outstanding effects! although the talking scenes should be lessened more and the “bending” actions should be more. 🙂 thank you for making the film

  3. An unpopular opinion doesn’t make one “more intellectual” – it’s just a different point of view.

  4. Agree with you as well, John. I found the article very interesting and brought up a few things that I found interesting. Such as the point where he says “two boys who are both burdened with great responsibility fight each other in struggling combat” or something like that.

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