Scenes we love: ‘Signs’

Without a question, Shyamalan’s ‘Signs’ is one of my all time favorite alien films. And also one of my all time favorite horror films. This film scared the day lights out of me. And it still does scare me no matter how many time I watch this film. It’s one of Shyamalan’s best films in my opinion. The scene that I never forget is when the alien steps out from behind the bushes in the alleyway. And, it still makes me to jump.

Anyways, the folks at Cinematical recently published an interesting article talking about the scenes from ‘Signs.’ I find it an interesting read, for the article explains Mr. Shyamalan’s directing technique. Masterfully deliberate pacing, and brilliant use of off-screen space. And there praising of the film that it is surely among the most frightening PG-13 horror movies of all time.

Jump to Cinematical to read the whole article. And, let us know what do you think of ‘Signs’ by leaving comments below.


  1. I love “Signs” too! It’s my third favourite Shyamalan’s movie after “The Sixth Sense” and “The Village”; it’s a genial combination of horror and dramatic; it’s brilliant how the movie gives a double meaning to the word “signs”.
    My favourite scene is, for sure, the dialogue between Graham Hess (M.Gibson) and Merrill Hess (J.Phoenix) on the couch about being believer or not; I listened that dialogue thousand times becouse it’s very deep and intense. Sorry for my english 😛

  2. The scene of the home video of the Brazilian birthday party scare the hell off of me. That was the moment I jump up on my seat. The article is right that now Sci-Fi movies like Skyline or Battle for L.A focus more on action, signs focuses on the fear of being invaded from a family’s point of view.

  3. @Salvatore: Agree. SIGNS the word gives double meaning. There is SIGNS on the crops and the SIGN of God.

    @John: That’s another reason why I liked the article. I love these Alien invasion films with lots of action, but you feel no fear and tension.

  4. SIgns is the best movie I’ve ever seen…I’m goin’ to have the symbol in the corn field tattooed on my left shoulder 😉

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