In Defense Of: M.Night Shyamalan

When you hear or read the name M.Night Shyamalan there are few things comes to your mind. And that depends on who you are. Do you respect him or do you respect his work? Or, do you just hate him and his work? As a fan of Mr. Shyamalan, without any hesitation I can answer the first two questions without muttering. And unlike me, there are those who think about him differently and sees his work differently. And what I mean by ‘differently’ is the impiety of that group of people.

I’ve been thinking about putting something together for the site which is a way of showing others that there are some who still respects him and respects his work. For what he has done and for what he believes in. I am aware that there are groups of people, the fans out there who still believes in him and not only respect his work, but him as well. And that’s why, I am in the position to ask, which one are you? –  The article that I am talking about is something I’ve been thinking about for few weeks and I am late for it, for ‘HeyUguys‘ recently published a sapid, sagacious and a almost similar to what I would write article that comes in defense of M.Night Shyamalan.

It is not only a interesting read, but an important spotlight on the master of film, Mr. M.Night Shyamalan as well. And their article also contains a intriguing video showing clips of Mr. Shyamalan’s films. Tell us your opinion. We would like to read your comments below.


  1. M. Knight is a video GOD. I love his work–every single film. Those who don’t like him lack imagination and wonder. He’s the greatest!

  2. I think Mr. Shyamalan’s work is brilliant. I often hear others saying that they think his movies are boring or that they didn’t get it and sometimes I really don’t understand how that is possible. His message in each film is there, you just have to dig a little deeper into your creative intelligence and let it tap into your soul. Whenever I hear someone say that they don’t like his films it just makes me sad. It makes me think that they can’t be a very deep person or very intelligent. This is very likely not the case. It’s possible they are very intelligent, just in a different way. Perhaps my intelligence is just cut from the same type of creative fabric as Mr. Shyamalan’s. Every time I’ve sat down to one of his films I’ve come out of it just thinking “Wow…”. I get him, I understand the message he’s trying to convey in each film. Even if I don’t necessarily “love” every single one of his movies I completely appreciate the story that he is telling, the meaning hidden between the scene’s and the creative, mysterious way that he sparks my interest and keeps me thinking long after the screen has gone dark.

    • @Leslie
      I don’t think people dislike all his films, (his earlier works are brilliant) but some of his later works are not as good as some of his older ones and everybody seems to have their opinions on which one is better. No offense to Shyamalan fans, but he’s a very irritating and egocentric man. He created the controversies with The Last Airbender himself and he has this arrogant attitude that he wants to do EVERYTHING himself who tries so hard to be so commercial all just to make money. How do you take something that is so well liked and make it so bad? He managed to piss off a lot of fans (and even non fans) of the beloved animated series of ATLA with his generic/boring live action version of TLA. And I don’t dislike the man entirely, I have to admit, he’s got great direction (and his earlier movies were suspenseful and fun to watch), but his writing is weak, and he should do what his idol Spielberg does, have someone else write for him.

      • Hello Cloud9,

        I understand that Shyamalan does come across on the outside as being egocentric (never heard the word ‘irritating’ being used about him though). However, everyone that I know that has worked with him and for him, that has met him, have all said that he’s one of the nicest people that they’ve ever worked with. In fact, they all like him so much that they strive to work with him on each of his projects. Yes, he portrays himself as wanting to be in control of every aspect of things, but put yourself in his shoes. Wouldn’t you love the idea of creating your movie from start to finish, how you wanted it to be made? I think a lot of it is the product if Miramax recutting his first major film, Wide Awake, behind his back. I think that scarred him pretty deeply, and this is the result of that.

        • Like I said, I don’t hate the man personally, but he doesn’t seem like a very open minded man (or at least try to learn from the criticisms). And I’m not suggesting he should agree with the critics, he could do whatever he wants, but…he also needs to understand there is also a responsibility with the quality of work and many people look up to him, like my sister who’s a film student and studies his work.

  3. I had the great pleasure of working for Night during the production of “The Village”. I must certainly do respect him, and his work. He always treated my crew and I with the greatest respect, and kindness.

  4. Well said, Leslie.

    His films are small and simple films, but different. And carries a interesting and eerie environment with interesting characters and his stories always provides clues. Clues that can be found in every viewing.

  5. I don’t know Leslie, but this kind of thought could be very arrogant of our part.
    For a long time, I believed that people who don’t like Shyamalan’s work were nothing more than stupid, dumb or things like that. But a friend of mine explained it to me once that what he doesn’t like is the pace of the movies and I had to agree. Look don’t take me wrong, I love the pace, for me is perfect, but for a lot of people is very slow. It’s only a matter of what delight this peoples. This same friend understood all of his movies…. This kind of people I truly respect their opinions.

  6. I really admire Shyamalan both as a filmaker and a person. He seems like a very good person with a lot of depth, and a lot of heart. And his movies are spiritual and moving, they have a lot to them, and most people just don’t seem to see it, or appreciate it.

  7. Night thinks outside the box! Thats what i love about him. His films are rich in originality. Look, Hes a class act, not every film hes made has got the admiration it deserved but everyone is different and i agree with Jose on this not everyone appreciates his movies for there own reasons .

  8. I really love and fully respect M. Night and his works, not only is he a guy with brilliant imagination, he can translate that beauty in the medium of film, which others fail to do properly. All those who hate and bash him are used to those Americanized-Hollywood-blockbuster-commercialpulp. M. Night stands out, being the director of my most favorite film The Village, which I still watch hours on end. I know people may have different opinions, but that doesn’t mean that they can horrendously insult him as I see which is happening alot. Cheers for this guy.

  9. M. Night Shyamalan is a true auteur in american cinema. I guess people who hate him or don’t understand his films is because, he hasen’t been corrupt by the mediocry pop culture of hollywood that we live today. Every film that he does is different and has a message in the subtext and of course the twist ending. Expect the unexpected in every film that he does and you will be suprise at the end. Can wait for his next film.

  10. Any great and awesome producer has something that don’t live up to expectations but its during those time when the true brilliance come and I know that we haven’t seen to many true form movies yet until you came along so I know the best is yet to come from you.

  11. @Jose Rocha,

    Thanks for your posting. I don’t think it’s haughty of us “fans” when we stand to defend him or his work. The main point of the article at (HeyuGuys) and what I stated above basically brings a spotlight on those who disrespect him and his work. I think the group the article is pointing fingers at are bunch of idiots.

    Everyone has his/her own opinion. I can like a film and I can dislike a film just like the friend of yours you mentioned who doesn’t like Shyamalan films, for it’s slow for him/her, That’s different. The idiots we are pointing our fingers at trash talk his films and trash talk about Shyamalan as well treating him like he is some kind of a sinner or criminal. There are so many who spell and pronounce Night’s surname in funny way… I am sure they can pronounce it and spell it correctly, it’s just that they are idiots or playing idiots.

    Long story short… if you don’t like his films because of pace, story, acting, score… then so be it… but you can’t blow it out of proportion and hate the guy who in reality is a nice person. 🙂

  12. I don’t get the haters. I wonder if many of them have even seen any Shyamalan films or they’re just repeating what they heard someone else say. Same with the negative journalists… I’m a long time fan and while I haven’t loved every single one of Night’s films, many of them are my favorite movies ever. They’re on a whole other level of creativity, detail and nuance that I have yet to see matched by any other filmmakers out there. Most others aren’t even close. I’m anxiously awaiting his next original project.

  13. I love the art of storytelling and so Night remains a giant inspiration. But what fascinates me the most is the controversy. So many of us love his movies while so many others hate them. We say “they don’t get it”. They say that’s “snooty and offensive”. But it’s true! His stories and characters don’t strike a chord with everyone–but for those who do “get” his stuff, it’s amazing! Not all of his movies have been great–but they’ve all been original, noncomercial and interesting. (However, I will have to discount Aribender from the noncomercial list.)

  14. About 20 to 30 years from now his films will be cherished more. And, I do want to see a remake of THE HAPPENING. I think he should direct it himself.

  15. Almost all my life I have been a fan of M. Night Shyamalan and of his films.

    Each and every one of them speaks to my very soul and inspires me in its own way. I never tire watching them because each time I put one in the DVD player I see something I did not see before, there is so much depth to the messages he sends. They just get better and better each time.

    In our society of instant gratification, overblown special effects, and lack of critical thinking, the genius of Shyamalan’s simple, paced and complex storytelling is wasted on general audiences. I hope over time the beauty of his films will come through to the people who will listen, and I cherish my copies of his films as some of my most valued possessions.

    If you do write an article or a series of articles let me know-I want in!!! 🙂

  16. Can someone on this site please point out that M. Night is quite strongly revered by the French avant garde, as well as many Japanese filmmaker, among them Kiyoshi Kurosawa? Both The Village and Lady in the Water were featured in the top ten of Cahiers du Cinema for their respected years, and if you’re not familiar with that publication I suggest a visit to Wikipedia.

    It really bothers me how a supposed “fan site” of Shyamalan’s occasionally apologizes for some of his most personal work simply because it’s unpopular in America. Despite that, I’d say Unbreakable, Lady in the Water, and The Village are Night’s biggest artistic achievements and I wish this site would devote more time to discussing the subtext of these films. I’ve e-mailed the site editors with plenty of articles that offer thought-provoking analyses of his films. I guess that’s too boring for this site, which rarely has any updates.

  17. @Imalshen,

    You said something about people listening. Reminded me the beginning of LADY IN THE WATER. Man has forgot to listen. 🙂

    • Imalshen,

      That’s good. Mines is The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs and The Village.

  18. I have watched every Shyamalan film and I have not been disappointed. Sure I haven’t seen Wide Awake yet, but i can’t find a copy of it. But still, I have not found any reason to dislike any of his films. I admit the writing can be a little shaky sometimes, but I never thought that these were as dumbing down as a Micheal Bay movie. I just hope that like Tron, his movies will be notice and considered awesome.

    • It’s available on netflix instant watch and I also saw it uploaded to youtube at one point not too long ago. It might still be there. 🙂

  19. I definitely respect Shyamalan, both as a person and for his work.

    As a person, everything I’ve seen about him suggests he’s a nice guy, hard working, down to Earth, and a devoted family man.

    His work is some of the most imaginative and interesting being made today. I absolutely adore everything from “The Sixth Sense” to “The Village” (the latter, I feel, is extremely underrated and misunderstood). “Lady in the Water” and “The Happening” are weaker than his previous work, I feel, but they still have redeeming qualities and entertainment value. The only movie he’s made that’s really disappointed me is “The Last Airbender”, but maybe I was just spoiled to the show, which is brilliant. I still have faith in his ability to make great movies, and I look forward to his next film.

    The haters can just bite me.

  20. I have never been a fan of anyone in my life, no one ever stands out enough for me to consider myself a fan, that was until I rented Devil. I have always liked his movies, but I have to say that Devil put me over the edge into being a fan. His work is so deep and so real, not the kind of real that is in your face real, but deeper, in your soul real. When I sit down to watch a M. Night movie I know I will learn something deep about myself, and that is what I love so much about his writing.

  21. This might be a little late, but as I have just seen “The Last Airbender” yesterday I will still post this today. I don´t watch television, hardly read a newspaper and only watch very handpicked films. This is why I only found out about the whole negative campaign against the movie just now.
    I personally find “The Last Airbander” it is a beautiful film that moved me very much emotionally. The actors are fantastic throughout, but I am especially awed by the performance of “Aang” – a child so young having such a presence is simply unbelievable.
    The discussion about the cast was very much misleaded and it was very racist. No woman or man should be judged by her or his race. They should only be judged by the human traits, they have worked hard to aquire or perfect – such as their character, their behaviour towards others or their skills – and not by unchangeable attributes given to them at birth such as their race, their colour of skin, their nationality, their gender, or or or ….
    In a world where all humans are equal such a discussion could not arise, because the race would not be an attribute anyone would greatly notice.
    It makes me sick and sad to find that a lot of people spread pure racism under the flag of defending minorities as happenend in this case.
    I think a lot of people who said they didn´t like the film fell victim to a sort of negative media hype – well people are gullible and very few are able to really form their own opinion – we will have to live with that knowledge, even if it hurts sometimes.
    As far as being-true-to-the-comic goes: Well, sorry comic-fans, but comics are hardly literature. Usually they are full of stupid clichées with lots of Bangs and Booms decorating an all too thin and foretellable story. Noone in the world will be able to make an only halfway meaningful film in staying true to a comic, as a lot of daft action-adventure-films following a comis plot proove.
    I like to thank Mr. Shyamamaln for this beautiful piece of art and hope very much to see many more of his films.

  22. I think he is one of the few unique and untampered imaginations left in this unoriginal boring world. Where everyone else is making repeats and putting way to much into graphics. He has made in my opinion, some of the best movies I have EVER seen. And just for the record the graphics in his movie are fantastic too. And I have watched more tv and movies than anyone I have ever heard of or met, and I’m proud of it! He is my movie guru. He has even got me into writing my own book. He should be an inspiration to us all in my opinion. I hope he makes many more movies, because I will buy them and watch them a million times like all of his others. Anyone who doesn’t like his movies in my opinion needs a reality check! Just look at today’s movies they are all knockoffs. Alot are knockoffs of old black and whites. Anyway I wish him the best of luck in his career and may he make many big hits!!!

  23. Well I may not like the ending of The Village and The Happening but this guy knows how to make movies. He only makes originals not remakes or what the studio wants. He is such a brilliant filmmaker and his movie appeals to me.

    Just type in defense of M. Knight Shayamalan and read what people say about his film making skills. He is UNIQUE filmmaker.

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