Early Review of ‘Lady in the Water’ has posted an early review of “Lady in the Water”……and it’s Positive!! There are some spoilers (small I hear) and the plot isn’t soo much talked about. I have yet to personally read it, but our buddy JPickering has, and he assures me that the reviewer likes it. You can find quotes like “It’s thrilling, moving, scary and, definitely, a lot of fun.” and “Like all of Shyamalan’s movies, this one looks and sounds beautiful with James Newton Howard’s score rivaling some of his best work”.


  1. not too many spoilers – it is just plain great to hear a positive review!!

  2. I don't have the guts to read it – I've read too many “small” spoilers already! Hopefully, Night's film will be well-received by the majority of filmgoers this time.

  3. The review says it's one of “his best”….lets really hope tht it turns out like that for the rest of the moviegoers….(anyways it's always “his best” for us….rigth!)….

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