Shyamalan blasts Disney execs in Book

The L.A. Times recently featured an article about the upcoming book “The Man Who Heard Voices” in which among other things, tells Shymalan’s side of the break-up with Disney.

The article reveals parts of the book in which Shyamalan expresses his opinions about his former home at Disney/Touchstone. Be forewarned that the article does give away a scene in the movie. The scene above was part of the many problems Disney had with the script. The article, written by Claudia Eller, was informative and makes me want to run out to the bookstore and pick it up! Too bad it does come out until July 20th, a day before “Lady in the Water”.


  1. I read it yesterday (before it was posted here) somehwere else and that spoiler made me angry. :angry:

  2. yeah. I read that too without knowing. :angry:
    Hey, maybe Shyamalan changed it….(yeah right).
    Atleast it wasn't something major.

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