1. I saw it attached to the movie. Some girl behind me was like “ugh, I HATE his movies..” kinda to herself.. she was there alone and made comments after every trailer.. nice girl, but missing out when it comes to M. Night's films. I said in a rather loud voice after she said that: “I LOVE his movies!”

  2. It's weird because if you watched the making of “Signs” he says he hates it when they refer to his past movies because of the trust for this movie. Anyway…I loved this trailer I was whooping and yelling It was so good! The best part is when Cleveland yells, “Just keep looking into his eyes!” One more thing…do you think it will be shown at Superman Returns?

  3. Yeah, a bit strange huh? I wonder what changed his mind about advertising like that? It was even worse with The Village. I think he will talk about marketing campaigns and stuff in “The Man Who Heard Voices”.

  4. Last I heard, he was upset with marketing for this one as well. They just don't seem to get it right, and market his movies alone. We'll see, though.

  5. Well, I think the WB is doing a good job. The trailers have played before the biggest movies this year. Harry Potter, Da Vinci Code, and Superman Returns. Lots of people are seeing the trailer, hopefully it pays off!

  6. I still think the film will have quite a different feel if compared to these frantic previews, but this one's better than the last one. Cool.

  7. I like this new trailer, but I think its probably not portraying the film 100% correctly. Lets just hope we dont have the same problem we did with the Village.
    I heard Night doesnt have a lot to say when it comes to the advertising of his films, like someone said earlier, I dont think he was happy with the LITW advertising.

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