Join Us and Review M. Night’s Films

We’ve got a new feature that I’m very excited about. It’s called “Google Friend Connect.” Down at the bottom of this page (currently) and each of the news stories; there is a box that allows you do join this website.

You can access it if you have any of the following: A Google account, a Yahoo account, an AIM account or an OpenID account.

On the home page, down at the bottom, there’s a module that allows you to sign up to be a member of the website (different from the forum).

What does this do for you?

Well, anywhere there is a site using Friend Connect, you can add yourself as a member of that site as well. It also lets you take advantage of features that I am adding all around this website.

-Reviews for each movie.
-Reviews for each soundtrack (to be added).
-Reviews for each book (to be added).
-A post wall (to be added).
and more features when Google releases any that make sense for this website!


  1. If ever did a movie NEED a sequel. then that movie is “UNBREAKABLE”. I stumbled upon that ONE OF A KIND great movie at Blockbuster. It blew me away….Great cast…great story…great ending. one that left me hungry for MORE!!!

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