Join Us and Review M. Night’s Films

We’ve got a new feature that I’m very excited about. It’s called “Google Friend Connect.” Down at the bottom of this page (currently) and each of the news stories; there is a box that allows you do join this website.

You can access it if you have any of the following: A Google account, a Yahoo account, an AIM account or an OpenID account.

On the home page, down at the bottom, there’s a module that allows you to sign up to be a member of the website (different from the forum).

What does this do for you?

Well, anywhere there is a site using Friend Connect, you can add yourself as a member of that site as well. It also lets you take advantage of features that I am adding all around this website.

-Reviews for each movie.
-Reviews for each soundtrack (to be added).
-Reviews for each book (to be added).
-A post wall (to be added).
and more features when Google releases any that make sense for this website!


  1. Not yet unfortunately. We will be posting any casting news right here on the front page.

    Stick tuned.

  2. If ever did a movie NEED a sequel. then that movie is “UNBREAKABLE”. I stumbled upon that ONE OF A KIND great movie at Blockbuster. It blew me away….Great cast…great story…great ending. one that left me hungry for MORE!!!

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