Last Airbender Poster featuring All Four Elements Bending

Wow, I can’t wait to see this split up into four separate images of bending!

The Last Airbender - Viacom Promo

The upper left quadrant features Aang, airbending.  The upper right quadrant features Zuko firebending.  The lower left quadrant features Katara waterbending, and Sokka standing beside her.  And the lower right quadrant features a mystery earthbender, who is potentially Bumi!

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      • that cant be possable jet is a main person in avatar then on book 2 for the movie how are they going to find lake laogai and appa, the creators are dumb to cut jet out!!!

        • That’s just it, they could use Jet to do that, or it could be achieved in different ways. That’s why they’re the creators, though. They’re free to make whatever changes they want to best serve the story on film. With only 2 hours for each story, that’s the equivalent of about 5 episodes per film. They’re basically cutting 61 episodes down to a mere 15, as far as screen time. So there will be casualties of that. I’m not saying that Jet is definitely cut, though. I’m just saying that it’s possible.

          • ya but how are they going to find appa and lake laogia.(sigh). are they going to cute toph out to!

          • Jack: Don’t take it overboard. They can tell the story without Jet, period. Toph is a character that is essential to the story, as she teaches Aang. Jet, however, the first time I watched the series, I had forgotten about him until his mention near the end of Book 3.

  1. then who’s going to show them were appa is stolen at,or they going to take out appa too

  2. im pretty sure azula is a main character in the movie spence. actually the top 6 characters in the movie.

  3. I wonder how long the movies will be, hopefully the length of Lord of the rings? anybody kno?

    • no avatar will only be 2 hours,if peter jackson was directing it it would be like 4 hours that would be awsome

  4. Jack: Expect a lot of characters to be cut, because they can only put so much into a two hour movie.

  5. I dont think they would take tylee and mai out… there pretty important characters in regrads to zukos like.

  6. Seriously stop asking if all these season 2 characters will be cut because you’ll never get a 100% certain answer or even a 1% certain answer (unless you somehow know m night and he told you) so STOP ASKING

  7. Also… Do you all remember when one of the people making the TLA movie (I can’t remeber if it was m night or someone else) said that firebenders would not be able to pull fire out of thin air?

    Well I spy with my little eye… When I first saw the pic of dev “zuko” firebending I kept thinking it looked like he was bending with a wand as if he were from Harry potter or something… Could it be that that’s the tool firebenders actually have to bend with? I’m not the only one who sees that wand in his right hand, right?

  8. I really don’t think there should be a big fuss about jet being in the movie. what I mean this is the movie not the episodes and jet is a minor character in avatar the last air bender, not that he’s not important, its just that………………i beleive there are going to be episodes of this movie and as i said, jet is a minor character and no matter what they will have to cast him in the movie if there are going to be other episodes. Another thing, why are people hating katara’s even AANG character???????????????????????

  9. y would dat guy b roku? He is a fire based avatar thats jus stupid showing him earthbending because hes always seen firebending in the series. It probably is bumi even though its not a good impersination of him, yea hes young and all but he is the main earthbender in book one so wldnt b surprising if that is bumi and he def shld b in the movie he teachs aang alot of things and his puzzling methods make alot of sense once hes explained it it makes it more believable.

  10. They wont take out azula she is the main bad guy through book 2 and most of book 3. In book 2 zuko is jus tryin to find himself and book 3 hes good so hu wld b the bad guy if azula wasnt in it? Nobody!

  11. The earthbender might be Haru…since he is a minor character they could have changed his appearence, because it looks nothing like Bumi.

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