M. Night Fans

I’ve been working pretty hard on getting this site into shape so that I can start adding information to it. I’ve been using Dreamweaver MX 2004, and while the learning curve isn’t that high, it’s got some stylesheet changes that effect the programming of websites. It’s supposed to make things easier to update after it’s done, but so far it’s just been a pain for me to learn.

I’ve also re-skinned the forums, utilizing a skin I found on an Invision Board site, and editing all of the colors and images to fit the layout of the site.

So far so good. I’ve been getting great response on the simplicity of the design of the site, as well as the choice of images from each of the movies that I used at the top for this main section.

What’s left to do?


– find the old information that I had for Unbreakable.
– screenshots from Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs DVDs
– upgrade Gallery
– design images for Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, and The Village (the individual sections will have their own look and feel, based on the design of the front page)
-add more to the navigation (contact and about pages, and a few others)

And believe me when I say this: I’ve had this site in mind since the year 2000, so I have had ideas for it for a long time that have only grown with time, and I plan on making this into one of the best Shyamalan fan sites in the world.

What was holding me back?

Time and Spoilers.

When a new Shyamalan movie is coming out, I plan on avoiding anything with spoilers. I love seeing his movies knowing as little as possible about the plot of the movie. Don’t expect to see us reporting the premise of his next films here, and don’t expect us to read your e-mail unless you properly label it as “Spoiler Free” or “With MAJOR Spoilers about MOVIE TITLE.”

We’ll have e-mail Subject guidelines soon enough. We just expect everything to be clearly labeled, before we mistakenly read a spoiler that we’d rather have seen revealed by the filmmaker himself. He’s the artist, not you. He’s providing us with the stories that made us want to build this site in the first place. Allow him to reveal the secrets of the movies on his own time. It’s not fair to him or to us to let them be revealed any other way.

Thank you!


  1. 🙂 wow! that's a very very VERY neat website dude, you seem to be on a roll with site making! gotta love that. This is very cool. Perhaps u can make me a site of a same layout, maybe tweaked..later on. Cuz this rocks..

    Love the sun eclipse..very nice!

  2. keep working hard man, you are the only person that could bring all the fans together.

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