M. Night setting up Original Film with Willis, Paltrow and Cooper?

Slashfilm is reporting that M. Night Shyamalan is currently shopping around a new thriller whose title, logline and subject-matter are all unknown.  The script is being read by studio heads under the supervision of Shyamalan’s assistant.

Rumored to be attached to the film are Bruce Willis, Gwyneth Paltrow and Bradley Cooper.  Bruce Willis last worked with Shyamalan on Unbreakable and The Sixth Sense before that.

That Shyamalan is trying to get funding for an original film so close to the release of his next film: The Last Airbender leads us to wonder a few things.  Is he trying to fit an original movie in between Airbender films, and hoping to get it going quickly?  How big would this movie be if Airbender is a big hit and a sequel is immediately green-lit?  Steven Spielberg has been known to release two movies within a single year, so this is not unheard of.

Another question is, did Paramount pass on this script or did the script just not fit into the Paramount brand?

And lastly, is there trouble in Airbender territory?  They had staked out the July 4 weekend long before Twilight ever did.  While Airbender is tracking well, it’s not likely that it will win the overall box-office for the weekend, though it could take the Friday-Sunday numbers.  This is looking like a very curious situation.  Let’s hope for the best, and that filming on Airbender 2 starts as soon as possible (and that Airbender can explode onto the scene with a huge box office take).  Afterall, what else is the male population going to see when most of the female populous is at Twilight.

Now, here’s an intriguing question that came out of a conversation with Teddy.  Could this be Unbreakable 2 or is this a completely original movie?  If it is, would there be a new villain?  Would Sam Jackson make an appearance in the film?  Are we getting you excited at the prospect of an Unbreakable sequel and setting you up for disappointment if/when this is revealed?


  1. Ive heared that Shyamalan was spotted filming above a bowling alley near Philly in a office setting, he’s really busy! but i wonder, is this production the first move for his movie; Devil or something else?

  2. this is all very interesting, and yet nerve-wracking at the same. I really just want him to finish the Airbender trilogy first if the sequels get green-lit.

  3. Very interesting. Can’t wait to hear what this is about. But I think he should the the Airbender trylogy first, hence the young actors and actresses. 🙂

  4. I can’t believe you all prefer him doing AIRBENDER 2 and 3 rather than an original project. I certainly do not.

    • But it makes sense. Airbender is an epic trilogy that requires the cast to be about the same age. The storyline happens over a very short period of time. I prefer that he finishes what he started, and if there is time, does a few smaller films between. But it’s important to the Airbender story that they keep moving full steam ahead.

  5. I don’t mind a new thriller, but I kinda don’t want an Unbreakable 2. Unbreakable is my favorite movie, and I just want it to be left alone.

  6. Night said in an interview a few weeks ago he was doing a new thriller in between Airbenders. I hope it’s not an Unbreakable sequel. I want something completely original.

  7. I read today it is about a father (Cooper) on a frantic hunt for his missing child. No word on who Bruce or Paltrow would play.

  8. I wonder when we will have a continuation of sixth sense since I have some ideas to continue this classic movie

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