M. Night Shyamalan comments on Unbreakable Sequel

UnbreakableUnbreakable 2 has been one of the most anticipated sequels since the first film came out.  This, I know, because it’s been one of the most searched terms bringing traffic to this website, and it seems every time someone gets the chance to interview Night himself, it comes up again.

In an interview on the Huffington Post, they spoke very briefly about it:

There’s been talk of an “Unbreakable” sequel for a long time.

Samuel L. Jackson seems to want to do it. I saw you two talking on Twitter.
It’s a harder one for me because — it’s getting closer, by the way.

I feel like I’ve heard that for the past 10 years. I want that to be true.
I want it to happen, too. […]  So, slowly I’m getting a story in my head that I feel like is able to tell what I’m feeling right now.

For people who like that movie, it sounds encouraging.
Yeah, it is! The story of a guy who kind of wakes up with a little gray feeling in the morning, I love that character. It’s something that I feel and I want to talk more about that character.

-via Huffington Post

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  1. It sounds encouraging! As a fan of both Mr. Night and Unbreakable, i still hope that we could see this happening soon.

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