Box Office: ‘Glass’ Triumphs for the Third Week in a Row

The critics are I’m sure scratching their heads here. The damage they wanted to cause to slow down the momentum Shyamalan has been since his horror film, ‘The Visit’, is not working. As I said before here during its second week run that the word of mouth among the people was strong and still is. ‘Glass’ is still holding the #1 spot at the box-office for three weeks in a row.

According to the folks at Box-Office Mojo, ‘Glass’ has brought estimated $9.5 million, pushing the film’s domestic gross over $88 million. Overseas, Shyamalan’s unstoppable third installment in his 177 Eastrail Trilogy (Unbreakable, Split) added $12.2 million this weekend based on the results from 54 markets. This means, internationally the film has earned $110 million and a global tally just shy of $200 million.

Keep in mind, what’s impressive here is that Shyamalan funded ‘Glass’ just like he also self-funded ‘The Visit’ in 2015 and ‘Split’ in 2017. ‘Glass’ costed him $20 million, a bit more expensive than the two aforementioned titles, but that’s the kind of risk taker Shyamalan is. It’s truly inspiring.

‘Glass’ is still playing everywhere. Give us your thoughts if you have seen the film below in the comments section, but please make sure to keep your comments spoiler free.

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