M. Night Shyamalan shows support for Mel Gibson

From Starpulse.com: Director M. Night Shyamalan has joined the celebrities supporting disgraced Mel Gibson as he recovers from stinging attacks following his much-publicized anti-Semitic rant. Gibson upset the Jewish community after comments he made during a drunk driving arrest were made public at the end of last month.

Jodie Foster and Patrick Swayze were among the first to offer their public support to Gibson, and now his Signs director is weighing in.

Shyamalan, who is in London for the British premiere of new movie Lady in the Water, says, “He’s very kind to everyone around him, he has never treated anybody badly. Who he is will always come out and he’s an inspiring, sweet guy, so eventually he’ll overcome all this.”


  1. Yeah, the media took this whole story wayy to far. It was like a witch hunt! The man has problems, possiably serious ones at that, but shouldn't we support those people who might need help? Must we hate the haters? What would that make us? What happened to forgiveness? Ugh. We love you Mel, straighten up!, but we still love you!!

  2. well done m.night. i hope Mel Gibson gets through his troubles and gets back to great acting and directing

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