Warner Bros. Speaks About “Lady in the Water”

Last year Warner Bros. President Alan Horn was at the top of his game. Boy wizard Harry Potter, eccentric candy maker Willy Wonka and crime fighter Batman catapulted Warner to its most profitable year.

Warner Bros. President Alan Horn, and his top production executive Jeff Robinov, had high hopes for Shyamalan’s $70-million ‘Lady in the Water,’ which sources estimate could lose $20 million to $30 million. The movie was panned by critics. Some observers also question whether Shyamalan, known for such hits as ‘The Sixth Sense,’ inadvertently sabotaged his movie by participating in a tell-all book published one day before the film’s release.

Critics said he came off as whiny and spoiled in lambasting his long-term allies at Walt Disney Studios for passing on his movie. Horn said the book didn’t help the movie but he defended his decision to greenlight ‘Lady.’ ‘I thought it was a good bet,’ Horn said. ‘Night Shyamalan is extremely talented, and my respect, affection and commitment to him is unchanged.’

(This article has been edited, for length purposes, from it’s original source) Read the full Article by The L.A. Times’ Claudia Eller: Here


  1. I don't know how this all story with WB is
    gonna end,I hope that they give him an other chance,but it seems that night doesn't want to deal with the audiences in the future and I agree with him, even if he's going to have problems with studios…

  2. This is a shame that people don't appreciate great filmmaking. I've seen the book and cannot see how that would affect the initial gross of the film. But Warner Bros. knows how talented he is and will definetely do his next film for sure. The film is about having faith, and not everybody has that and people reacted to the film in such different ways. This film will be in my DVD collection the first day it comes out. Thank you Night for making this film!

  3. I could care less what movie critics have to say about anything. and i mean anything. this, and all of his movies are so much more depp than average film watchers even know… antoher reason i think LITW got bad reviews was that people thought it was a horror/thriller movie, but it wasnt. but w/e, as mnightfan1000 said: “This film will be in my DVD collection the first day it comes out. Thank you Night for making this film!”

  4. I did not see where the book made him look bad at all. By the reviews I was expecting the book’s author to be really negative towards Night. I didnt feel it was negative at all. I thought it was a decent book that helped me see more into the process Night goes through when making his movies and into Night himself. For instance, I never would have guessed Night loved basketball and admired Michael Jordan so much.

    Every blurb that comes out keeps harping on him leaving Disney. No one can blame him for walking from Disney if they did not believe in the movie he wanted to make. That is his decision, it is his movie.

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