Mel Gibson’s “Signs 2: Signs of Anti-Semitism”

Poking a little fun at Mel Gibson, some crafty video nerds came up with a parody trailer for a would be sequel to “Signs”, “Mel Gibson’s Signs of Anti-Semitism”. This time around the bad guys would not be aliens, but…..jews! Although the situation in reality isn’t funny, this definitely made me laugh.

(Mel Gibson’s Sequel to Signs: “Signs of Anti-Semitism”)


  1. I would like to say that I held a great deal of respect for Mr. Gibson, but lost damn near all of it recently. I am not the type of person to shut-out an individual for ever, I do hope Mel can beat his problems with Alcohol. He's apparent problem with the Jewish community is another thing altogether, and isn't such a quick fix. I hope Mel can find some sort of peace, and realize that blatant hatred will not, and should not be tolerated. The world forgives Mr. Gibson. I pray that you can truly find love and respect our brothers and sisters in the Jewish community.

    I did not express my personal feelings in the news post, but I hope you don't mind that I show them here. I really enjoyed the man and his work, but I fear that all of that has been lost. Hopefully, not for ever. I do not however believe he quick apology. Alcohol is an evil thing, but it does not bring out hate that never existed Mr. Gibson. I am willing to forgive no matter what, but I pray it's because you have truly changed your mind.

  2. The video is well made, but when people like these leave Mr.Gibson alone, for god sake the guy was drunk and said something which he didn't meant. Forget it and let him live..


  3. he already apology…and the jewish community invited him for a memorial for the shoa.he said something like:” I'going to try to find where this hate for the jewish community come from on me…”

  4. 'En vino veritas' – in wine there is truth. It's been known since the beginning of civilization that alcohol lowers inhibitions. Therefore what he said is what he really feels.

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