M. Night Shyamalan’s Green Planet?

On Tuesday Jan 16, M. Night went out to the town with a new original script, or spec entitled GREEN PLANET. So far, Universal, Paramount, Warner Brothers and Sony have all passed. 🙁

Not much is known about GREEN PLANET. The Night story, insiders say, centers on an alien invasion of earth carried out using Nature’s flora and fauna.Sources also say that so far only Fox was intrigued, but even then was demanding substantial rewrites, something Night is usually unwilling to do.

Now, because it wasn’t purchased in the first round, that doesn’t necessarily mean that GREEN PLANET won’t find a home. Many scripts don’t sell first round out but what makes this interesting is that this is M. Night Shyamalan. He dominated the spec script world with everything he put out. His scripts would only be on the market 24-48 hours!

Even if GREEN PLANET isn’t purchased we still have Avatar: The Last Airbender to look forward to.

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  1. As bad as this sounds, I am saddened that the film is being passed on, but after the commercial failings of LitW, it's not too shocking. Even now, LitW has garnered 4 Razzie nominations, and that doesnt bode too well. But, come what may, I am still excited as ever to see what happens next… The movie sounds like a really sweet concept!

  2. Honestly, I am very excited for Avatar.. Especially after seeing the whole first season. It's actually very good, and it's got a supernatural martial arts style to it, that is oddly fitting for M. Night. I love his original films, don't get me wrong. I'm intrigued by this idea, but we'll have to wait and see what happens.

  3. Green Planet? I like it already. 🙂 It sounds like it would be something great to see. I hope things work out so he can make it.

  4. Hmmm….interesting. I think he is got something really cool story in his head….might be kinda sci-fi plus alien fantasy…..:smile:

    And damn those studios for playing around with a genius…. :angry:

  5. Actually I'd rather have Avatar…its more unique than another alien movie.

    Although I dont really care…

  6. I might sound stupid but what does it mean that GREEN PLANET centers on an alien invasion of earth carried out using Nature's flora and fauna? Is it that the aliens use nature against us?

    I probably DO look stupid now…

    Anyway, I think Avatar will be better because Night already did “Signs”… I'm not saying the stories are the same.

    Anyway, please answer my question someone?

  7. ..maybe it's some kinda virus that gets into the animals and plants and then we eat them and then we die or turn into the aliens…
    ..it's possible I watch too much sci-fi and have a vivid imagination…

  8. Out to the town means that he went around LA to pitch the script around. At least… Im pretty sure thats what it means.

  9. Paranoia, aliens, airbending, harry potter. I wish he'd decide on something. I feel jerked around.

  10. This is very interesting, I can understand some studios passing on the project, due to LITW kinda bombing at the box office. But if Fox was slightly interested, and even then suggested many re-writes….well….maybe Night should try and do them. I'm a huge fan of his work, but thee comes a time when you have to listen to the input of others. He didnt do this with LITW, and while I loved the film, many many didnt.
    Having said that, I love the idea of Green Planet…but maybe the general public (who dictate what studios 'buy') are a little sick of M.Night Thrillers?

    Although I'd love to see Green Planet, maybe he should do Avatar first.

  11. Wow!!I bought Litw in dvd only two days ago and now he's already out with another movie?Just…wow!

  12. Now we are talking, GREENPLANET, sounds more great than airbender. WOW.
    M.Night go and damn studio, go ahead accept his script…

  13. I've been a Shyamalan fan for a long time, and defended both 'The Village' and LiTW, but the truth is, both of those films were seriously flawed. I saw so many ways, simple ways, that Night could have fixed the problems plaguing both of those films, and probably other people did as well, but since Night had so much power, he never had to listen. I think it's because he really started buying into his own hype.

    After the bomb of LiTW, the man deserves to be spanked by Hollywood. It will be good for him, and it will force him to start working harder on his scripts again (he used to write absolutely BRILLIANT scripts), and to listen to some outside input.

    I hate to see him do poorly, but I hate seeing him make inferior movies even more. And the fact is, as much as I enjoyed his last two films, they're both pale shadows of what the man is truly capable of.

    Do the rewrites! Be humble! Do good work!

  14. I don't. THE VILLAGE may very well pass the test of time and be regarded as his masterpiece.

  15. The village is a masterpiece and LITW is a classic bedtime story that's where it ends. He had no mistakes in LITW, critics are dumb to bash him. They take things really personal.


  16. This sounds amazing! I hope a studio will pick this one up. Signs was decent maybe he'll be able to make another alien movie that's even better. Hopefully this one has a plot twist because he is such a master when it comes to twists!

  17. I love a lot of things about The Village, but anyone regarding it as a masterpiece ought to go re-watch The Sixth Sense, to get a better definition of the word.

    Also, Rohan, memorizing and then parroting the DVD box for LiTW (tagline reading “A Classic Bedtime Story For A New Generation”) doesn't lend your argument regarding its quality (or the supposed incompetence and hypersensitivity of critics) any sort of credibility.

  18. I just somewhat disagree with Kant. According to me The Village is one of the best efforts by Night. Agreed its not a masterpiece if you compare it to Sixth Sense but in the first place why do you compare. Sixth Sense is different and The Village is even more different. The only common thing being that both were thrillers with different scripts. And I don't think The Village is flawed as far as the scricpt is concerned. But for LITW I would not say it is flawless but c'mon man if you start thinking like that then we would not get to see beautiful movies like LITW. This is all I had to say.

  19. Fact: Avatar is an AMAZING show.

    Fact: M. Night makes HORRIBLE movies.

    I don't hate M. Night whatsoever — I'm glad he makes a nice living and his movies do well, I just avoid seeing them because they suck. The reason I'm upset is because I love Avatar, and it should really be done by a good or even mediocre director. Now it's going to be heavy-handed, melodramatic yawnfest.

  20. Here's a fun statistic: M. Night is the BEST director of Indian descent in America! However, in Indian, there are 1.2 million better directors. Also, I got drunk and threw up my alphabet soup, and the result was more compelling than anything M. Night has every written.

  21. Wow… two negative comments within four minutes, from very nearly the same IP address. Thanks dude. Either way, what you said as “Dino” is self-defeating. You avoid seeing his films because they “suck.” How would you know? You haven't seen them! Here's a fun statistic: If there were 1.2 million better directors from “Indian,” where are they?

    Fact: You've come to the wrong site to slam M. Night!

  22. :laughing: Wow, its wierd. Ive only seen 1 and a half of his movies and I already feel like he's going to do a good job on avatar. I mean its avatar THE MOVIE!! im just happy to hear that at all! And hearing how excited and into the show that he is on the Interview on the box set, I am soo rooting for him! Go night!

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