Night Interviewed for ‘The Shark is Still Working’

The Shark is Still Working (TSISW) is a documentary on the impact and legacy of Jaws.  It’s a documentary that is still very much in the works, and Night, as most of us know, is a very big fan of the movie Jaws.  He’s just been interviewed for it.  Here’s what the official TSISW site says about the occasion:

On a whim, while looking for filmmakers who might be interested in watching TSISW to grant us a blurb, we decided to Google “M. Night Shyamalan – JAWS” just to see what would return. Sure enough. A very long list of results came back. Shyamalan is a JAWS nut! Who knows how we could not have already known that? It was just a fortunate thing that we discovered it when we did. So we got right to work, contacting him about viewing a screener DVD of TSISW so we could add him to the list of blurbs on our website. Over the course of our correspondence, his office kept reiterating his passion for JAWS and how excited he would likely be about our project. During a phone conversation we extended an invitation to be a part of the documentary itself. When we received our return phone call a couple of days later,the way it was explained to us is that he watched our new trailer online and his words went something like, “Oh yes! I gotta be a part of THIS!”

Nice to see that trailer bearing such tangible fruit so quickly, we must say.

Once we knew Mr. Shyamalan was willing to do the interview, an instant trip to Philadelphia was in the works. We were told that he would soon be starting shooting on his new film, The Happening and each day that passed would make an interview more and more undoable. It was imperative that we strike while the iron was hot. So a short two days later, we were in Pennsylvania discussing all things JAWS with a very enthusiastic M. Night Shyamalan.

During the interview, Night promptly justified our decision to go back and reopen the editing process on TSISW. He is an ongoing, full-time student of film who spends a lot of time dissecting what works in film and what doesn’t. He took JAWS and went deep in ways we hadn’t yet heard. It was a marvelous interview.

[The Shark Is Still Working]

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  1. Oh, I hope he talked about the two best scenes: the woman getting munched in the beginning, which still scares the crap out of me, even in the trailer for the documentary :crying:; and the reaction of Roy Scheider's police chief when he sees the beast for the first time. Very funny moment. And Scheider did it beautifully! :laughing:
    So is this documentary ever going to be aired???

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