Official MPAA Rating for ‘Lady in the Water’

The MPAA released a fresh batch of ratings for a list of upcoming movies this week. Among the list is Lady in the Water, whose official rating will be PG-13: for some frightening sequences.’

The recent news ends a long period of speculation on Lady’s official rating, which has been debated due to several developing factors. The first being the release of a children’s book of the same name by Shyamalan, whose target audience is ’ages 4 through 8′. Secondly, the release of the teaser trailer played before a Harry Potter movie, generating buzz that the films target audience would be kids, although Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was rated PG-13. Not to be overlooked, the resounding fact that the film started from a bedtime story Shyamalan told his daughters, who are now ages 6 and 9, increased speculation. Recent interviews with the director also added to the confusion, stating he recommends it for ages “8 and up”.

The now official MPAA rating settles the debate, and offers some fans, who might have been worried, a sign of relief.

See you in theaters July 21, 2006 for Lady in the Water!

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  1. PG 13,,,sounds GOOD!!! thank GOD its not RATED “R” cause it would be hard for audiences to choose…..


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